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Track club, weekly run down!

This week at track was filled with intense, but satisfying workouts! On Tuesday we did a well rounded mid distance workout in which we completed 2x 800, with a 400 slow jog, 2x 600, with 400 slow jog, and lastly 3x 200- of which I knew I had pushed myself, because afterwords I felt ready to throw up. 20 more words


Winter Season W3: Track Run

Y’all I am determined to keep up a daily blogging habit.  I have a few reasons for this:

  1. So I can look back on this journey to two new PRs and keep track of what went well and what didn’t…
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For this workout, I ran  4 miles by mysel up to the Weehawken track and followed it with a 2.5 mile run home.  Let’s just say, I was sorrrrrre the next day!

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  • 6 x 400m @ 5K pace  (1 minute, 35 seconds each)
  • 4 x 200 m @ mile pace (45 seconds each)
  • 6 x 400m @ 5k pace (1 minute 32 seconds each- I sped up for these last 6)

1:30 recovery after everything

Stressful day?  Do this track session and you’ll sweat out/ forget everything but the pain you’re currently in.  Very intense, but awesome!

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Last night we did a 12×200 workout.  Remember, these workouts are not as fast as you can sprint the track.  They’re done at 5K, 1 mile and better pace.  

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Nike Running Club Speed Runs

For those of you who  don’t know about Nike Run Club, LISTEN UP!  This group is an amazing resource for new runners, experienced runners, serious runners or recreational runners.   813 more words

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