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Coming Up- The Training Continues.

My next race is my first full marathon in Providence in May. I’m very excited for it, it’s coming up in about 6 weeks and the next few weeks will be the longest distances I have ever run, the most I’ve ever run before is 15 miles. 367 more words

College Runner

A Generous Slice of Humble Pie + A Speedy Running Tribe = A Super Recipe for Getting Stronger and Faster

While sucking air at the track yesterday, and dragging ass far behind my three speedy running buddies, Jane, Jen and Vanessa, I kept chanting to myself, … 881 more words


Hey Runners, it's free will!

Whining runners, beware. This post is about you.

Let’s get right down to it, runners. I’m going to ask you the age old question. Why do you run? 415 more words

Trail Running

An international reunion on the thermometer and my attempt at dressing like a superhero!

Looks so beautiful, right?

Yeah, this is what is REALLY going on today:

I love it when Fahrenheit and Celsius come together. LOL.

Thankfully even Abby didn’t want to spend that much time out there this morning. 435 more words



I guess if you ask any runner that question most, if not all, would say a resounding yes. 597 more words


This morning comprised of a track workout, and the weather was perfect for it: a slight chill, particularly when making my way around the shaded sides, but sunny and nice overall. 276 more words

In the beginning..... there was a track!

Running has changed my life physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. I’ve met lots of running friends throughout my running time. This is the thing I’m most appreciative of, the people I’ve met along the way. 679 more words

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