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Speed Workouts Aren't Scary

Speed workouts are a very useful tool in training and can really help you get faster. I held back from doing them for a long time largely because I didn’t understand the terminology, or how to apply them to my running.   725 more words

Finding a groove.

It has been wayyyy too long. But as the totals states I have been trying to really find my groove. I was offered a coaching job at Awty International a little bit ago and have been busy doing paperwork and watching mandatory videos for them and etc. 289 more words


Beating the Heat

After at least three solid months of training through the summer, you’d think I’d be used to the heat and humidity.  Before training for the Chicago Marathon, I was all about running in this weather.   1,055 more words


Marathon Training: Month Three

If you’ve been following along, we’re now six weeks out from the Chicago Marathon.  As if the first two months didn’t fly by fast enough, the days seem to be picking up speed and here I am finishing up my third month of training.   616 more words


Back on [the] Track: Tips on How to Love the Track so the Track Can Love You Back

I am finally back on the training wagon and slowly building back up and yesterday I did my first track workout in 4 months. The track can be an intimating place, probably because laps are a form of punishment in basically every high school sport, but it is also the place where runners can see the most growth. 786 more words


Speedwork: Advanced Pyramid Intervals

Speedwork is coming to you on a Friday today, instead of the usual Tuesday. This workout is later training season edition of the pyramid workout that I posted  131 more words


Try This Workout: Moves Like Lanni

Last month after the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon, I had the opportunity to chat with Lanni Marchant, Canada’s marathon record-holder and recent bronze medalist in the 10,000m at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games. 500 more words