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Feel the Need for Speed? ORRC Tuesday Night Track Workouts will get you there!

Silly over-quoted movie line aside, interval training is one of the best activities you can do to become a speedier runner. If you always run at a steady pace, that’s all you will ever do; run at a steady pace. 648 more words


Not exactly razor sharp

I recall a workout during my peak competitive years in which the plan was to do a track session of 8 X 400M at a pace of 60-63 seconds each. 857 more words


It's always a good time for cats like us to have fun

The reason I trekked to the indoor track this morning is simple. Our cats were clean out of food. That meant a trip to the local grocery store was necessary. 608 more words


Just Say No to a Marathon

Just reading the headline may perplex you, especially if you are a runner. You may ponder my reasoning, and begin scratching your head as you process the possible whys. 978 more words


9 Tips To Run Your Fastest Mile Yet

If you just can’t seem to ever see yourself getting excited about running a marathon — or just need a change of pace from those long, grueling, endurance runs that training for a longer race requires  — here’s some good news: the mile race is making a comeback. 1,183 more words


The summer of my running discontent

Well, yesterday was a very good time trail.  We did a one mile time trial down in Newport and I didn’t do so bad.  My time has improved.   436 more words

Viva La RUN508

There is a lot of mid-week running excitement building in Robin’s world.

You see I started this little run club.  It has taken a few months to get off the ground, but now it is gaining in popularity.   286 more words