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How do we generate trackbacks to the arXiv?

MathOverflow generates trackbacks to the arXiv. This means that whenever someone mentions or links to an arXiv paper, we notify the arXiv of this, and they generate a link back to the MathOverflow post. 554 more words


In a muddle.

I’ve been reading about pingbacks, trackbacks and html codes, for my blog. Am I any the wiser? Er…no! I don’t mind playing around with my blog layout and images, but the technical aspects of blogging leave me cold. 137 more words


Total pingbacks and trackbacks within wordpress admin post columns

By adding this snippet in to your wordpress site on the functions.php of your wordpress theme will add a new column called counts within the admin post listing. 27 more words

Trackback Post - Bad Lip Reading

Well, here we are testing the use of Trackbacks for our WordPress site. In looking through other students articles I found a post that I had considered making myself and thought that it would be a perfect opportunity. 63 more words

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A Quick Shout Out

I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying being a member of the WordPress community. Thanks to Lorelle from Lorelle Teaches and Lorelle on WordPress, my… 143 more words

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Splinter Of The Minds Eye

Recently, while awkwardly stalking a mutually respected blogger called Treatmentofvisions, I came across a great find to dig into:

An exerpt from his post, “ 185 more words

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