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In The Event...

In my first blog post I expressed my stress about raising my daughter in a technology-infused world. In helping her learn digital citizenship, I realized two things. 305 more words


Annapurna Base Camp dan Arti Kata Yakin

Sambil termenung, saya membatin, “Sudah berada sejauh ini, kenapa saya harus gagal hanya karena kondisi fisik? Apakah saya akan menjadi orang pertama dalam rombongan Bil yang gagal?”

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SWIFT gpi-why?


In a changing world, innovation becomes necessity

We were used to send and still sending text messages, as a form of communication with friends and family. 694 more words

Taking a Walk Through the Fields

From our vantagepoint, we can clearly see the expanse of all of our fields.  I noticed that we have many tracks going across the fields, so I thought I’d have a look. 407 more words


Declaring 2018 a year of joy and inspiration!

Just as we change and grow throughout life, a business also changes and grows. Spiritdance Life Coaching is evolving and changing in 2018 with an increased focus on performance and sport coaching. 573 more words


Issues to Look at Prior to Applying a Specialized Tracking System

Usually, some sort of mixture regarding technology and also humanity will be what demonstrates to become the very best option. Yet in the actual realm involving prospecting, fresh technology similar to an consumer tracking technique may take better applicants to typically the jobs they will deserve. 258 more words


Track the Trails 2018

How many trails can we tackle this year? We like to explore new ones to see what’s out there but it’s also fun to re-visit old favourites. 51 more words