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Kleiman's Master Plan to Use GPS to Build Prisons in the Community

In his posting “We Don’t Need to Keep Criminals in Prison to Punish Them,” Prof. Mark Kleiman has come up with what he thinks is the solution to what he would likely call over-incarceration: relocate people in their thousands, including people with violent criminal convictions, to government apartments in the community where they would be under 24 hour surveillance, have a GPS tracker to record their every move, only be allowed out for certain basic things, and have their conditions eased if they manage to find a job.  264 more words

The FrameUp Collection - apprentice tracking made easy

The FrameUp Collection is a very comprehensive learner tracking and learner management system for vocational traininers, WBL providers and FE colleges.

Credit Repair

28 March 2015

Update for 28 March:

Exercise completed  

4 x running programme, 30 mins
2 x walk, 30 mins
3 x walking to 7th floor of Library twice (14 floors each day)
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Wolf Walking

Dear friends,

Gentle giant snowflakes fell upon the Northwoods all day, as if to taunt Spring. A fresh white blanket brings us another chance to wolf walk (to walk in each others footsteps). 317 more words


Let's Go Sniff

Y’all know by now I’m enamored of all things canine scent detection. Nose Work, Barn Hunt, Tracking, Earth Dog-yep all of it. 216 more words

Dog Training

Week 4/5 Play and Reflect - How to unfuck the planet.

Hi Everyone,

Here is how this is going to work. I’ll introduce and explain the app I had a play with and then I’m going to embed my reflect video down the bottom. 515 more words


Tracking Here and There - Living Wide Open

One of the skills that woodsmen have is tracking. It is a way of inhabiting the woodland and the wilds, of knowing and respecting your neighbors, of being and of being inspired. 907 more words

Life Experience