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The Pro Cyberstalking Movement

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you probably know that one of my favorite opening lines is “just when I thought the anti-choice movement couldn’t sink any lower…”. 524 more words


Tanka 37

Make your love partner
An ankle bracelet instead
Of a wrist bracelet –
And see what they think of your
Thoughtful – personalized gift

5.25.16… 163 more words


Vollyball Everyone!

Basic Rules

Divide the group into two equal parts. Each part becomes a team. They will play Vollyball, with modified rules. The team who has the ball, should pass the ball within their team, to each member, just once, and then pass it on to the other side. 431 more words

Shared from WP: MicroChipping

This is something we ALL need to think about…

Shocking NBC News Report – Someday We Will Be Microchipping All Of Our Children – https://wp.me/p7iTGW-vJ


The Running App Swap

Running tech has come a LOOOONG way from when I first started. I used to be a “log the runs on a sheet of paper (or spreadsheet) and time them with my basic “athletic watch” type of runner. 747 more words


Fleet Tracking: Cut Fuel Expenses

Cut your fleet fuel expenses with the use of GPS Tracking. Rewire Security GPS Tracking Blog.