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See the menu for my new photography instructional page about Tracking a moving subject!

Using an example of my tracking a great blue heron in the Everglades, I’ve added a new page to this site that gives my best advice for being successful when tracking a moving subject. 32 more words


Ability Grouping – Has Its Time Returned?

Students can and should be grouped to learn in a way that best meets their individual needs, and regrouped at reasonable intervals during their progression along a curricular continuum.

915 more words

Getting Back Into It

I’ve been crazy busy and massively slacking in the blogging. But, I’ve decided that it’s something I need to make time for since I really enjoy it. 465 more words


The Problem with Tracking

In the modern setting, the verb “track”, in other words, “to follow”, is used to refer to using technology on a device to find the location of another device, which in turn would almost always have an owner or user. 548 more words


April income and spending

Ah this month has been complicated, too many work expenses going in and being reimbursed meant working this out took a while.  Anyway here goes… 28 more words

Early Retirement

Big brother is watching: timing and tracking on the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon featured a host of strange experiences (some of which I’ve written about here and here), but one of the weirdest sensation was that I was being watched. 712 more words


SOTX’s badminton tracking Smart Racquet now available in Singapore

Tracking sensors are slowly permeating into every conceivable product and badminton is no exception to the rule. SOTX’s Smart Racquet is now available in Singapore, and this smart badminton performance tracking racquet is going for S$320. 135 more words