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Five of the Worst Misconceptions in Philosophy

1) Kierkegaard’s Leap to Faith

To faith. Not of faith. Faith is the thing to be reached, a kind of moral perfection expressible even in ignorance. 1,382 more words


Wittgenstein on Occam's Razor

As for Occam’s Razor, consider Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus:

3.328 If a sign is not necessary then it is meaningless. That is the meaning of Occam’s Razor. 117 more words


Wittgenstein And Philosophy As Fiction

“I say that it will form an important part of the training, because it is so with human beings; not because it could not be imagined otherwise.” 695 more words


Jürgen Habermas, Guardian of Mystical 'Rationality' - Part Two

Habermas fails to understand and denies the living relationship between concepts, language and the world. Neither concepts and language, if they are to be relevant, can be imposed arbitrarily on the world, rather they develop… 1,180 more words

Capitalist Ideology

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Ludwig Wittgenstein (Josef Johann, 1889-1951) was an Austrian-born British philosopher.

Wittgenstein studied mathematics at Cambridge under Bertrand Russell, who spoke highly of his alleged genius. 227 more words


Philosopher Fridays: Wittgenstein

This is Philosopher Fridays, a weekly(ish) series where I take a brief look at philosophers who’ve had an impact on my thinking, for good or ill. 925 more words