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Premium Streaming with Tracy Anderson : Let's Give It A Try!

The streaming service with TA is for me pretty awesome, working out with her each week is amazing. What is even better is the launch of the Premium streaming. 211 more words


My Thoughts on Best Workouts

I don’t love working out, let’s be honest. It’s a necessary evil, as far as I am concerned. I have a friend K who loves loves loves running, like she is miserable when she can’t. 744 more words

Episode 20. Why is This Still Hard?!

I began this journey with the goal of spending 21 days consistently working out (allowing for 1 rest day every seven days)…and expecting a full change in the way I approach/ follow-through with health and wellness routines. 151 more words


Episode 15. Sometimes a Girl Needs a Break

The past two days have been really hard for me and I’ve been going through life under a constant cloud of sadness and despair.

What do you do when you’re on this wellness journey and you’re having difficult mental days?

160 more words

Episode 10. It's Easier In The Mirror 

I just finished my Saturday Workout and although it’s technically Sunday now I started before midnight so 💯💯 for day 10.

Because I was cutting it so close I decided to just do 15 mins instead of the full, 30 and I can see a little excuses wanting to show themselves, So I know that I’ll need to make my morning workout really count! 72 more words


Episode 9. We Fall Down But We Get Up

Yesterday while preparing for my day I seriously overscheduled myself. So this morning, even though I was very groggy I woke up and did 30 mins of TAM. 6 more words


Episode 1. Pick Your Poison 

My goal right now is to work out 6 days a week and my work out of choice is the Tracy Anderson Method (TAM).

I first found out about Tracy Anderson a number of years ago but at the time I felt that a “real” workout included either running or lifting heavy weights and as I’ve learned Tracey Anderson doesn’t subscribe to those beliefs. 314 more words