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10 minutes

I found a new exercise guru to not like.


So around 10 last night I come to terms with the fact that I still had not worked out. 334 more words


Be Selfish 1 Hour A Day

Life is busy.  We spend our days occupied in tasks. Whether for work, school, or stay at home chores; we can’t seem to find enough hours to focus on ourselves. 353 more words


Baby Food Diet

Baby Food Diet (2000s)

Tracy Anderson is a celebrity fitness trainer who invented the Baby Food Diet. Since she never actually published the diet, the “rules” are up for interpretation. 218 more words


4 True Lower-Body Blasters to Tone Your Legs, Butt, and Thighs

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It takes more than just healthy eating to change your lower body. That’s because when we lose pounds, we tend to shed the weight from our face, arms and stomach, not our bottom and thighs. 152 more words

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MultiTAsk @ Tracy Anderson Method

Class: MultiTAsk (not on ClassPass)

Location: Studio City

Work-out: Hybrid Muscle Conditioning + Dance Cardio

Difficulty: Level 4.5

Next day soreness: 3

Duration: 50 min… 301 more words


Aerobics, Billy Blanks, And Tracy Anderson: My Quest For Cardio Coolness

When I was a little kid, I often went with my mom on Wednesday mornings to her aerobics class at the YMCA. She tried to put me in the nursery; but after being repeatedly bitten by a feral looking child with a Fargo-esque accent and rat tail, I refused and instead opted to sit on the floor of the gym and watch Wisconsin at its finest. 372 more words