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Episode 15. Sometimes a Girl Needs a Break

The past two days have been really hard for me and I’ve been going through life under a constant cloud of sadness and despair.

What do you do when you’re on this wellness journey and you’re having difficult mental days?

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Episode 10. It's Easier In The Mirror 

I just finished my Saturday Workout and although it’s technically Sunday now I started before midnight so đź’Żđź’Ż for day 10.

Because I was cutting it so close I decided to just do 15 mins instead of the full, 30 and I can see a little excuses wanting to show themselves, So I know that I’ll need to make my morning workout really count! 72 more words


Episode 9. We Fall Down But We Get Up

Yesterday while preparing for my day I seriously overscheduled myself. So this morning, even though I was very groggy I woke up and did 30 mins of TAM. 6 more words


Episode 1. Pick Your Poison 

My goal right now is to work out 6 days a week and my work out of choice is the Tracy Anderson Method (TAM).

I first found out about Tracy Anderson a number of years ago but at the time I felt that a “real” workout included either running or lifting heavy weights and as I’ve learned Tracey Anderson doesn’t subscribe to those beliefs. 314 more words

Metamorphosis - muodonmuutos jumissa

Olen saanut hyvin pidettyä kiinni kuntoilusta. Olen tehnyt Tracy Andersonin Metamorphosis -jumppaa nyt 45 päivää (pitäen viikossa ykden lepopäivän). Hiki on lentänyt ja pää punaisena puhistu, sillä välin kun tyttöni nukkuu päiväunia. 216 more words


Miksi Tracy Anderson?

Vuonna 2010 satuin katsomaan joku iltapäivä jakson Oprahin tv-showta, jossa oli vieraana Gwyneth Paltrow. Hän kertoi miten oli muokannut vartalonsa uuteen uskoon personal trainerinsa Tracy Andersonin kanssa.   320 more words

Tracy Anderson Expands Her Fitness Empire

Fitness guru, Tracy Anderson, is at the top of the list when it comes to celebrity trainers. She has impressively grown her brand thanks to a client list including Gwyneth Paltrow, J.Lo, Madonna, and Tracee Ellis Ross. 86 more words

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