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"The Lovers"



“The Lovers” is a film that tries so hard to convince audiences that it’s a funny, honest and refreshing look at modern infidelity and a crumbling marriage, but it’s just another “been there, done that” exploration of a tiresome theme. 360 more words

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The Lovers

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to see “The Lovers”.

There are two words that sum up why I wanted to see this movie….Debra Winger. 675 more words


REVIEW: The Lovers

Azazel Jacobs often structures the narrative arc of his film “The Lovers” as a series of couplets. Husband and wife Michael (Tracy Letts) and Mary (Debra Winger) are each seeing other people, but our first glimpse of their affairs isn’t exactly of romantic enchantment. 310 more words

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'The Lovers' Movie Review

This movie is off-centered humor about a married couple of which both of them are having an affair. The main married characters, however, start to have an affair with one another that puts a spark back into their marriage. 41 more words

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Flash Movie Review: The Lovers

INFIDELITY is a hard topic for me to discuss with someone or watch in a TV show/movie. Regarding the dating world if the topic comes up and my date divulges their past cheating history that is a deal breaker for me. 559 more words


Movies: The Lovers, War Machine and the Wedding Plan


The Lovers

The Lovers, starring Debra Winger (Mary) and Tracy Letts (Michael) isn’t going to appeal to the same demo as Guardians of the Galaxy but should find an audience of Baby Boomers.    836 more words