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The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Trade Journal

Trade Report - EUR/USD Long - 05/03/2018

This post is a trade report of my recent EUR/USD long trade that I took.  In this post, I will describe each stage of the trade in the various post sections. 382 more words

Double Bottom

2018 Jan-Feb- NOW

Sharing my first bagger trade for 2018, no other than the most hyped and most talked-about news-driven stock as of the moment, $NOW.

If you are a die-hard trend-follower, expect that from time-to-time you will have your own share of bagger trades like this $NOW trade. 351 more words

EOD Trading

2018 Apr- VITA

Overall market condition is weak, too many failed breakouts and former leaders turned into laggards.

Although miss market is on correction mode, my port was still net positive thanks mainly to the strongest play of the month, $VITA. 132 more words

Stock Trading

The Journey Begins... Again.

Stock Trading has been one of the things that I really find mysterious. I never wanted to get in. I always think it is just “gambling”… or it’s just for the rich people. 199 more words

Rolled Cash-Secured Puts BABA Feb18 155 P

On Jan 4th, 2018, I rolled BABA Feb18 155 P to BABA Apr18 160 P.




US Market

Credit spread AMZN Mar18 1000/950 P

On Jan 3rd, 2018, I opened a credit spread on AMZN. My position details as follows:

Sell AMZN Mar18 1000 P for $498.99
Buy AMZN Mar18 950 P for $288.01… 14 more words

US Market