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“Just take a deep breath and do it.”

Rachael Ward of Ward Trade Marks talks about setting up your own business, being an entrepreneur and the role of trade marks in tech matters. 767 more words


We are thrilled to advise that Ashlee Froese, author and founder of CanadaFashionLaw, has been recognized by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Certified Specialist in Trademarks Law.

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Close but no cigar: s 123 provides parallel-importer with defence to trade mark infringement despite repackaging

A Danish cigar manufacturer (STG) brought proceedings against an Australian parallel-importer (Trojan) for infringement of its registered Australian trade marks HENRI WINTERMANS, CAFE CREME and LA PAZ.  718 more words

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For extra value, present your IP well

Established research in psychology suggests you’re more likely to be viewed positively by an investor if you have addressed your IP, and present that early and well.   594 more words


Can I register my mark?

A surprisingly broad range of things can be registered as a trade mark: words, designs, letters, numerals, the shape of goods and their packaging, colours, slogans, even sounds.   442 more words

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Strong and weak trade marks

When lawyers say a trade mark is strong or weak, they mean it in terms of how well it meets the registrability criteria and how easy it is to protect and prevent others infringing.   407 more words

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