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Trump Trade Policy 'Achievements': The First Month

Alicia Nicholls

February 20th marked United States (US) President Donald Trump’s first full month in the Oval Office. And what a month it has been! We have seen a lot of focus by his administration on immigration. 1,394 more words


Are US Textile and Apparel Imports Using Free Trade Agreements? (Updated February 2017)

Free trade agreements (FTAs) are arrangement among two or more countries under which they agree to eliminate tariffs and non-tariff (NTB) barriers on trade among themselves ( 352 more words

International Trade

3 Ways a New Customs Agreement Makes it Easier to Meet Global Demand

The newly minted Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) is a game-changer for the way goods cross borders and move around the world.

At UPS, the seamless movement of packages is… 714 more words

Global Economy

William Watson: If Quebec thinks it's normal to run government restaurants, the chef isn’t the problem

Ontario was the big winner in the 19th Annual Teddy Government Waste Awards this year. Named after a former federal labour relations officer who promoted inter-class harmony by taking associates to expensive lunches, the awards are given out by the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation. 770 more words

FP Comment

The Self-Inflicted Wounds Begin

Fall-Out From the Administration’s Trade Policies Will Stretch Far and Wide, often hitting their base hardest.

The following article was posted by the Dallas Morning News, and I’ve provided some additional analysis and commentary.  285 more words

Exalted Cheeto

NatSec advisor Michael Anton outlines a way forward with an alternative to the "New World Order"

Note: Michael Anton is Deputy Assistant to the President for Strategic Communications, National Security Council. This article was prepared before the author accepted his current position. 1,507 more words
Foreign Policy