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France and other EU states are hampering new trade deals. We need control of our trade policy

A secret government memo has been leaked to The Telegraph reportedly showing that a “trade war” between EU countries is damaging the British economy.

The damning Whitehall assessment – seen by the Telegraph – has found that France and other EU countries are hampering new “free-trade” deals because they want to protect their farmers from the extra competition. 1,124 more words

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Egypt: Requirement and procedures introduced with regards to new import registration

Additional formal requirements have been introduced by the Egyptian authorities, for importing goods into Egypt. The purpose of such requirement is to promote local production, reducing reliance on foreign imports and increasing the Egyptian foreign currency exchange position. 127 more words


Don't Blame a Lack of Job Growth on the Free Trade Agreements

A.  Introduction

It has been repeatedly said in the current US presidential campaign that the various free trade agreements the US has signed in recent decades have led to a decimation of jobs in manufacturing.   1,690 more words


Western provinces to benefit from Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, CWF says

The West Wants In was the slogan of the old Reform Party. It’s also the title of a soon-to-be-released study by the Canada West Foundation. 498 more words


Ian A. Blue: The recent Comeau decision could utterly destroy Canada's outdated liquor-control regimes

Rarely does a court decision as important and as well-reasoned as the Regina vs. Comeau case, released in New Brunswick on April 29, come along. Gerard Comeau was found not guilty of possessing liquor purchased in Quebec contrary to the New Brunswick Liquor Control Act. 602 more words

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The Leave campaign is fighting the wrong battles

On Thursday Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, ran a press conference on the findings of the May meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee. 1,120 more words

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Taking control of our trade policy means gaining the freedom to choose and the ability to act

“Trade policy”, says the EU Commission, “is an exclusive power of the EU – so only the EU, and not individual member states, can legislate on trade matters and conclude international trade agreements”. 1,338 more words

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