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Editorial: A trade deal worth saving

In a fictional-sounding – but very real – place named Wallonia, the future of free trade is reeling badly, with potentially graver consequences for Canada than those we fear from the presidential race south of the border. 408 more words


CETA is dead? Long live CUKTA. How Canada can save the best of CETA with a U.K. trade deal

In August, the French and German governments proclaimed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership — the EU-U.S. deal known as TTIP — dead.

After voters in the Netherlands rejected an EU-Ukraine trade pact in a referendum this year, the Dutch government says it cannot see itself ratifying the deal, meaning that’s likely dead too. 914 more words

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Ball now in Canada's court, Wallonia's PM says as region still blocking EU-Canada trade deal

OTTAWA — Despite tense negotiations Thursday, the small Belgian region of Wallonia continued to block Canada’s free trade deal with the European Union.

But there was room for negotiation. 324 more words


Belgian region rejects deadline to sign EU-Canada deal

BRUSSELS — The head of Belgium’s small Wallonia region is rejecting a Friday deadline to sign up to a huge trade deal between Canada and the European Union, demanding a full renegotiation that could bring the whole transatlantic agreement down. 412 more words


Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland meets Wallonian leader to try to overcome final CETA impasse

OTTAWA — Trade minister Chrystia Freeland met with Wallonia’s prime minister Wednesday to try to overcome the tiny Belgian province’s objection to a Canada-Europe free trade deal. 324 more words


Philip Cross: It's Canada vs. the protectionists in the new world trade wars

As a trading nation, Canada has much to lose if protectionism — clearly on the rise in the U.S. and Europe — gains more ground. 712 more words

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Debate on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Textile and Apparel Industry: Questions from FASH455

#1 Overall, do you think the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) reflect the commercial interests of the U.S. textile industry and/or U.S. apparel industry? Why?

#2 We know that the U.S. 203 more words

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