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Changes in the Final Text of TPP Regarding Textile and Apparel Rules of Origin

The final text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) released by the New Zealand Foreign Affairs & Trade in January 2016 has made a few changes to the textiles and apparel specific rules of origin compared with the USTR version released in November 2015: 76 more words

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TPP: How Will It Help or Hurt Us?

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is currently in the public review period for comment. While the President and some corporations are in favor, many people, industries, and foreign nations are not.   505 more words


The Effect of Currency Valuation on Trade? None!

Whenever some senator or congressman wants to appear tough on trade – usually during a campaign for re-election – they call on the president label a country like China or Japan a “currency manipulator.”  They do this because under the rules of the World Trade Organization a country that’s guilty of manipulating its currency can have tariffs levied against it.  739 more words


Les MacPherson: In the new Ottawa, Canada's signature means nothing

There was a time, as recently as 100 days ago, when Canada’s signature meant something.

No more, apparently.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government this week declared it will sign on behalf of Canada an international trade agreement, but the signature is worthless. 724 more words

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Lauren Heuser: TransCanada vs. the U.S. government

Each of Canada’s two largest pipeline companies has had its fair share of bad news lately. But only one of them has a shot at emerging unscathed — thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). 752 more words

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John Robson: Liberals are fooling no one with flim flam on Pacific free trade

Another day, another sign of the federal Liberals’ difficulty in coming to grips with actual policy. In this case, their proclaimed intention to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal but not endorse it. 802 more words

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Noah Smith: Economists love free trade. Except that they don't

In his recent book “Economics Rules,” Harvard economist Dani Rodrik laments how economists often portray a public consensus while disagreeing strongly in private. In effect, economists behave like scientists behind closed doors, but as preachers when dealing with the public. 886 more words

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