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African Growth and Oppertunity Act and Textile & Apparel

(In the video: Gail Strickler, former Assistant US Trade Representative, highlights the immense opportunities created by the renewal of AGOA for duty free access to the massive US market for African textile and apparel producers.) 759 more words

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The “America First” Foreign Policy

Long in the making, and a natural dynamic of American Exceptionalism and Hyper-power hubris; in Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy, America is signaling, even if the Democratic Party wins, that foreign policy will be increasingly conducted, less from the enlightened self-interest which undergirded its Pax America, to raw and Randian self-interest; to “ 573 more words

Cohen: How Harper's legacy is slowly being dismantled

Who has seen Stephen Harper? Wasn’t that him, wearing a baseball cap, at the Shake Shack in Las Vegas? Wasn’t that him, in the same headwear, at the airport in Fort Myers? 637 more words


Why NCTO and Euratex Disagree on the Textile and Apparel Rules of Origin in T-TIP?

In an April 13 press briefing, the National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) which represents the U.S. textile industry, insists the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) shall adopt the so called “yarn-forward” Rules of origin (RoO). 323 more words

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"Trump’s Makeover Will Fail": The Idea That Trump Could Reinvent Himself Mid-Campaign Has Always Been Implausible

If Donald Trump’s political campaign ever gets re-told as an appropriately cheesy biopic, this current moment will be the crucial makeover scene, where the flawed hero finds a mentor who gives him a new polish needed to win.  725 more words


Seminar on trade policy

This afternoon Prof Henri Bezuidenhout and the ECON616 class, along with TRADE, hosted Peter Draper of Tutwa Consulting for a seminar on trade policy. 168 more words


TPP and the U.S. Textile and Apparel Industry: Questions from FASH455

The following discussion questions are proposed by students enrolled in FASH455 (Spring 2016). Please feel free to join our online discussion.

#1 Is TPP successful in terms of “creating new market access opportunities” for the U.S. 136 more words

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