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The Trump Administration Is More Incompetent than You Can Possibly Imagine, Even after Taking into Account the Fact that the Trump Administration Is More Incompetent than You Can Possibly Imagine

I suppose that it is a healthy sign for me that I continue to be amazed by the blundering, mistake-prone, disaster-inducing ways of the current administration; my constant state of disbelief and shock may indicate that my standards for competence, organization and professionalism have not been diminished. 1,268 more words

Canada won't sign new NAFTA deal 'at any cost' — Premier Wynne

Describing certain Trump administration proposals as unacceptable, Premier Kathleen Wynne told a Windsor news conference on Friday that Canada will not consent to a new NAFTA deal at any cost. 646 more words

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If NAFTA dies, the old Canada-U.S. free trade agreement would live on, right? Not so fast, Canada

WASHINGTON — It’s a refrain frequently heard in Canada: That ending NAFTA wouldn’t change much in economic relations with the United States, because the countries could simply pull their older agreement off the shelf, dust it off, and persist in trade without tariffs. 817 more words


NAFTA Renegotiation and Textile-Specific Rules of Origin in Free Trade Agreements: Discussion Questions from FASH455

(Photo credit: Steve Lamar, AAFA)

#1 The US textile industry and the fashion retailers/brands/importers have very different priorities regarding modernizing and updating NAFTA. Do you believe that a compromise acceptable to both sides can be found? 193 more words

International Trade

NAFTA tensions erupt: Countries admit talks struggling, push deadline into 2018

WASHINGTON — The NAFTA countries aren’t breaking up. But they are publicly bickering. They are delaying their next get-together date. And they appear to have agreed they won’t be resolving their differences by the end of this year. 558 more words


Kevin Libin: Trudeau, the Canadian conquistador, discovers Mexico unwilling to surrender on NAFTA

Mexico’s history should have better prepared President Enrique Peña Nieto for last week’s arrival of Justin Trudeau, offering lessons as it does about the foolishness of trying to appease foreign colonizers. 1,163 more words

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NAFTA: U.S. demands end to supply management in Canadian dairy, poultry, eggs

ARLINGTON, Va. — The United States has lit the fuse on one of Canada’s most politically explosive trade issues, asking in NAFTA talks for an end to the supply management system for dairy, chicken, eggs and turkey within the next decade. 812 more words