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Trade Reviews - 11/30/15

No trading opportunities in $NVCR, $NXTM, and $OPK because the setups failed.  That is alright though because $NCTY had some nice setups.  Keep in mind you only need one trade to make your day, over trading is an account killer.

Trade Reviews

Trade Reviews - 11/25/15

As with any other career, trader tend take time off during the holidays.  This causes liquid stocks to become very thin and unpredictable making trading even more difficult. 40 more words

Trade Reviews

Trade Reviews - 11/24/15

Overall a pretty good day, went 4 for 3.

$ARCO,  $ADRO$ANF$PRAA trade reviews.

Trade Reviews

Week of Feb 23rd (101 pips)

Better late than never! Here is the round-up post from last week. I only had “posted” trades on Monday and Tuesday as I was tight on time during the second half of the week. 135 more words

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MLB Trade Review: Nats, Rangers, Detwiler

Trade Summary:

Earlier today, around 4:15 pm, Scott Boeck, from USA Today Sports, reported that an anonymous official had spoken to USA Today Sports, and had told them that the Texas Rangers had acquired Washington Nationals left-handed pitcher… 850 more words

Washington Nationals

Trade Reviews: C.O.W.L. Vol. 1, Principles of Power

Ask anyone that reads comics what their favorite day of the week is, and they’re practically guaranteed to say Wednesday. Wednesday is new comic book day, the day where readers flock to their local comic book shops to pick up the latest adventures of Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and all the rest. 612 more words


$RSH Radioshack Trade Review

Since my last post, I have spent some time learning how options work and trying my hand at using them as a trading instrument. I managed to find Radioshack $RSH at $0.72 shortly after it had broken out of a descending channel and formed a nice double bottom on the daily, which I decided to play after breakout confirmation. 238 more words

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