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"Please Support Tesco Workers" leaflet from Mandate

A “Please Support Tesco Workers” leaflet produced bt Mandate Trade Union for Tesco Workers Together.
The Tesco Workers Together Website

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Fighters must Unite for Fighters Union

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the fastest growing sport in decades. The merriment of high octane, fast paced and bloody competition has become the trinity of this enduring sport. 1,354 more words

Join a Union

I have a job that I love and I work with inspiring colleagues, many of whom have become great friends. The latest I work is until 6pm, and on the rare occasion that I work a weekend, I get TOIL. 489 more words


Hello, I'm Spartacus so I am.

So it seems to be a thing now where candidates feel they have to state they are “anti sectarian” in their General Council election blurbs. Why would they have or feel the need to do that? 184 more words


And they're off!

NIPSA Broad Left are first to go public on social media with their slate.

No sign yet of anything from the Unity faction or any independents. 9 more words


95. They have billions, we are millions. But strikes are not the right weapons, they are hardly successful.

They have billions, we are millions, the slogan of a recent strike in France. The 1% have billions they can invest and pay their workers but use it mostly to increase their own comfort and wealth. 458 more words


Rail Workers to Strike Until West Ham Agree to Payet Transfer Request

Southern Rail and London Underground employees are showing solidarity with Dimitri Payet by carrying out strike action until West Ham grant his transfer request.

Trade Union representatives called the rail workers’ strikes after it emerged last week that Payet was unhappy with his £125,000 per week contract at the Hammers and wanted to go to a bigger club. 123 more words