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Bharat Bandh: Millions face-down Modi’s labour agenda

A massive, nationwide strike caused major disruption to India’s economy on 2 September, popularised as Bharat Bandh (literally ‘India closed’ in Hindi/Sanskrit). Some unions have claimed this was the… 186 more words

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Korean Workers Launch Major Wave of Strikes, Winning International Support

Over the past few weeks, thousands of South Korean transport workers have gone on strike to protest against government “reform” proposals that would make it easier for employers to fire workers, weaken seniority protections won through collective bargaining and privatize some state-owned industries. 37 more words

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Are women and care professions leading a new type of union politics?

Recent effective election campaigns by nurses and teachers may point the way to new industrial campaigning on issues that is led by women and will shift beyond the traditional union-Labor party dynamic. 195 more words

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What do Labour NGOs in China do?

Written by Tim Pringle.

On 27 September 2016, disturbing television footage of three labour activists was beamed across China. Zeng Feiyang, Zhu Xiaomei and Tang Huanxing were filmed admitting to the crime of ‘gathering a crowd to disturb social order’ before a judge in a Panyu district court house. 1,617 more words


Mass Strikes in the Global Crisis

Despite the fact that there have been spectacular strikes in many parts of the world since the inception of the global economic crisis in 2007-8, the news media and the academic public have focused their attention on street demonstrations and occupations of squares. 117 more words

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"NBRU News- More Bus Strikes/All Ireland Final Replay?"

A Leaflet from the NBRU explaining why they are striking that was left on buses on the 21st of September in advance of the next strike days.

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