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I was sexually harassed and touched at work and nothing was done

TW: Sexual assault and harassment

It has been 8 months since I was sexually assaulted and harassed at work and nothing has been done.

I had been sexually assaulted by different men (once at a house party, 3 times in public) four times previously and had never reported it. 1,858 more words


How Do We Solve A Problem Like Probation?

If the new justice minister had been following the debates across the justice sector before the election they’d be expecting to hear unions talking about an operational crisis in prisons; all stakeholders talking about financial difficulties undermining the CRC contracts; and calls from across the sector to improve access to justice after legal aid cuts. 1,235 more words


Who ran the German Democratic Republic?

“Just as in all socialist states, power has been vested in the working class, and this for more than twenty years now. Led by its party, the SED, it has created a socialist state of workers and farmers. 823 more words


​Nat'l Sugar ​W​orkers ​F​ed​ ​r​e-established amidst Martial Law declaration

The National Federation of Sugar Workers (NFSW), a nationwide federation which made significant impact among sugar mill and field workers’ unions during the Marcos Martial Law era, was reestablished through a National Congress on May 30-31 in Bacolod City. 613 more words

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Jewish issues again at UCU Congress 2017

Motions about Jewish issues are standard at UCU Congress. This year saw another attempt to undermine protection for Jews from the kind of antisemitism which disguises itself as anti-Zionism. 1,160 more words