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Why does the union bureaucracy exist?

Our idea is that this power to change society would be developed through workers organizing a labor movement that was run directly by workers themselves, not controlled by a hierarchy of paid officials. 117 more words

Trade Union

Four theses on ‘green bans’ and the contemporary right to the city

The ‘right to the city’ is back on the agenda. In Brisbane, hundreds rallied this past Saturday against rapacious development in the city’s migrant and student heavy West End. 16 more words

Trade Union

U.S. Labor: What's New, What's Not?

21st Century Terrain for Class Conflict

By the turn of the 21st century these trends–lean production norms, increased capital intensity at work, the “logistics revolution” and industrial consolidation–had converged to alter the terrain of class conflict as well as the structure of industry and of the working class itself. 267 more words