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Naikkan kadar Gaji Minima kepada RM1500/bulan!

1.   Setiausaha Agung Transport Workers Union (TWU) dilaporkan oleh akhbar The Star terbitan 02hb Mac 2015 sebagai berkata bahawa kerajaan haruslah menimbangkan untuk menaikkan kadar Gaji Minima dari kadar sekarang kepada kadar baru… 119 more words

Gaji Minima

Increase the Minimum Wage to RM1500/month!!

1.   The Secretary General of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) has been reported by the The Star of March 2nd 2015 as having urged the government to consider increasing the Minimum Wage from its present rate to a new one of… 151 more words

Employment Laws

East Ham - Lois Austin

Lois has been an active campaigner for working class people’s rights since her teens. She has helped organise mass campaigns and demonstrations against racism and the right-wing Thatcher government. 184 more words


Tottenham - Jenny Sutton

Divide and rule

The Tories plan a return to the 1930s and the end of the welfare state. Labour won’t challenge the lie that the deficit must be reduced by cutting public services.  197 more words


Walthamstow - Nancy Taaffe

I’m a socialist and a Socialist Party member who has fought very cut and privatisation in my home borough of Waltham Forest for nearly 30 years. 

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At the end of January 2015 I resigned from the pro-austerity Labour party after over 30 years of membership. I am now standing for TUSC as no other party countenances an alternative to austerity even though voters in other European countries are keen to give it a try.

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The reason why people were burnt alive in Odessa (video)

From Fort Russ

February 25, 2015

Originally published February 25, 2014

First City Channel (Odessa TV?)

Translated by Kristina Rus

Alternative Maidan on Kulikovo Polye was organized since the morning. 368 more words