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Trademarks in the Service of Religion?

The Church of Scientology was created by science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard in the 1950s and is based in Los Angeles, California. Its followers include Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta.  488 more words


Beer Brands Not Protectable in Gaza

The Trademark Office in Gaza issued Ministerial Decision No. 16 of 2010 on 1 August 2010 stating that is not possible to file new trademark applications in class 32 covering beers and lager any longer, nor it is possible to renew registered trademarks covering the same items.   155 more words


SC held Ramayan and Quran can't be trademarked

નિર્ણય સંભળાવતા SC એ કહ્યું કે, કુરાન, બાઈબલ, ગુરુગ્રંથ સાહિબ, રામાયણ વગેરે જેવા ઘણા પવિત્ર અને ધાર્મિક ગ્રંથ છે. જો કોઈ પૂછે કે શું કોઈ વ્યંતી વસ્તુઓ કે સેવાઓના વેચાણ માટે કોઈ ધર્મગ્રંથના નામનો ટ્રેડમાર્કના આધારે ઉપયોગ કરી શકે છે તો તેનો જવાબ છે નહિ.http://www.vishvagujarat.com/sc-held-ramayan-and-quran-cant-be-trademarked/

Spotlight On: Fender Trademarks

  • Few people know that Fender have protected their most iconic guitar headstock shapes with registered trademarks.
  • These marks have been protected across the EU and Canada as well.
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Brand Registration: Good For Business

The brand registration is the most important thing for an organization to have a better business prospective. It is basically the name that attracts buyers to buy products & services of the company. 481 more words

Gucci: Bank of China Held In Contempt of Court, Withheld Information

At the end of September 2015, U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan ordered Bank of China to turn over financial records from various Chinese companies accused of selling counterfeit Gucci goods and keeping the millions of dollars of profits in accounts at “state-controlled” banks in China. 474 more words

Fashion Court

Michael Jackson Personality Rights Still Have Economic Value, Says Beijing IP Court

Fujian Funson Fashion Corp. Ltd.  tried to register Michael Jackson, known as the “King of Pop” trademark in China, but early this month, Beijing Intellectual Property Court ruled the Chinese fashion company acted illegally when it ‘rush-registered’ the name, reports Beijing Daily. 410 more words

Fashion Court