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Trademark fees go up...way up

The US Patent and Trademark Office, as of January 14, has changed a number of fees in connection with trademark registration.

Notable is the jump in the fee for filing a paper application for trademark registration. 301 more words

"Star Trek" copyright suit settled

Paramount has settled its copyright suit with Axanar Productions, which put together a professional-looking short film based on “Star Trek.” While many copyright owners tolerate “fan fiction,” Paramount has long been a company with little tolerance for infringement of its copyrights and trademarks.  Full story here


Guess(ing) Gucci's Next Move

Gucci and Guess – do you get mixed up between the two? Gucci has recently argued that Guess’s newest interlocking “G” logo is too similar to Gucci’s design, thus providing an unfair advantage to Guess’s mid-market fashionable brand. 277 more words

What's Happening In The Law?

9th Circuit rejects Slep-Tone's anti-copying claim couched as TM claim

Entertainment Corp. v. Wired for Sound Karaoke & DJ Servs., LLC, No.
14-17229 (9th Cir. Jan. 18, 2017) (per curiam)

Slep-Tone makes karaoke
music tracks under the trademark “Sound Choice.” They’re released on CDs in a… 439 more words

Lee v. Tam post-argument

Lee v. Tam

My thoughts on
observing the argument: I was surprised how much attention the Justices paid to
the copyright comparison. The SG centered… 1,467 more words

Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Dispute Over "Scandalous" Trademarks

Should your company’s brand, slogan, or logo lose its federal trademark protection just because it’s offensive? Under current law, yes, but today the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that questions whether or not the U.S. 1,615 more words

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