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The Human Condition

Subtly terrifying Rene Magritte’s La Condition Humaine uses the picture within a picture device that was to become a Magritte trademark. The painting is realistically banal, showing a painting by a window that is an exact representation of the obscured landscape. 106 more words


Right of publicity/passing off blast from the past

From The Spirit of the Times, May 21, 1845

“Gen. Tom Thumb’s father brought suit in Paris, against the manager of a theatre, who announced a play called Tom Pouce, (Thumb,) while the General was exhibiting himself at another place. 47 more words

when are state law unfair competition claims preempted?

Duer v. Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc., 2015 WL
11256568, No. 14-CV-01589 (N.D. Ga. Jul. 8, 2015)

Very broad preemption finding makes me blog this older case… 480 more words

Parody product fails to squeak through the cracks in dilution/infringement claim

VIP Products, LLC v. Jack Daniel’s Properties, Inc., No.
14-cv-02057 (D. Az. Sept. 27, 2016)

The court denied VIP’s motion for summary judgment on its… 716 more words

Brexit Beer, Clothes, and Supplements?

The majority of posts and articles about the consequences of Brexit on intellectual property law discuss the implications of Britain’s split on IP protection (see… 305 more words

Intellectual Property

Apple, Inc. and What a Company can do with $231.5 Billion Cash-on-Hand

People often ask about the extent of patent and trademark applications needed to protect the intellectual property of a business.  As shown by Apple, the answer is: as much as possible. 350 more words