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Are UNICORNS too cool for PATENTS?

Unicorn is a SiliconValley – developed term used to describe a startup with a valuation exceeding $1 billion. A resent research has shown that over 60% of US Unicorns have fallen behind in securing a strong IP position. 114 more words

Protecting Your Brand Overseas

By Evan M. Kent

It has been my experience that when many U.S. clients expand their businesses beyond national borders, they are unaware that their U.S. 713 more words

Tricks Of The Trade

Blew out my flip flop

As a young couple in central Florida, my eventual wife and I engaged in a somewhat unusual form of courtship.  We spent a lot of time fishing – with her mother.   458 more words

Intellectual Property


LIKELIHOOD-OF-CONFUSION: the principal concept of #trademark law. In a competitive market overloaded with tones of businesses producing exactly the same stuff it’s easy for a consumer to get really goddamn confused. 40 more words

TM scholars' roundtable, part 4

Research directions in Trademark Law 2017-2018

Discussants: Bill
McGeveran: History of scholarly productivity coming 1-2 years after the
roundtables as seeds germinated.
Agenda-setting: boundary issues and registration. 1,319 more words

TM Scholars' roundtable part 3

Fame, Reputation and “Well-Known-ness”

Mark Janis: is fame something distinguishable from distinctiveness, or is it merely the highest degree of distinctiveness? Possible topics: dilution thresholds v. 2,252 more words

Who Owns Your Face? DMCA and Reflexive Allegory

You may not like your face, but it belongs to you. You have an inherent, living, right to use your face as your face. You don’t need a Copyright or a Trademark on your face. 657 more words

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