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AIG trademark lawsuit in US

WIPR reports about a lawsuit initiated by a US insurance agency against the global insurance company American International Group (AIG).

A.I.G Agency is a company from St Louis, Missouri, which has been using an AIG trademark since 1962, which is supported by the relevant pieces of evidence. 52 more words

Contesting the incontestable

While doing my daily (well, most days) IP blog reading, I came across a post regarding an interesting forthcoming article from law professor Rebecca Tushnet. The article will cover incontestability in the trademark world, and, specifically, the process by which one obtains that status, what it means, and its problems.  566 more words


It is just a variation

In Starbucks (HK) Limited v. Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc., January 12, 2017 (IPC No. 14-2013-00264), Starbucks (HK) Limited (“Opposer”), the owner of the NOW TV & DEVICE trademark that is registered in various countries, filed an opposition to the registration of the NOWPLANET.TV mark of Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc. 144 more words

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If you are an innovator OR a person who likes to solve practical problems with the technology, OR a creative head OR someone just browsing around for some free IP advice, you have arrived at the correct place! 433 more words


Expired trademark? No problem

Occidental Chemical Corporation (“Opposer”) is a manufacturer of chemical products necessary for various products, such as plastics, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment chemicals. It is the owner of the OXYCHEM trademark for goods under Classes 1, 17 and 19. 379 more words

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Improving the Accuracy of the Trademark Register...

There is a notice in Tuesday’s (May 16, 2017) Federal Register which may be of interest to some people. The item:
Improving the Accuracy of the Trademark Register: Request for Comments on Possible Streamlined Version of Cancellation Proceedings on Grounds of Abandonment and Nonuse… 466 more words


GOOGLE and Genericide

It was bound to happen that someone would take a swipe at Google, claiming that the registered trademark should be cancelled because people use the word as a verb in a “generic” and “indiscriminate” way, which constitutes “genericide.”  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the effort. 306 more words

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