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Melania's trademark claim

Many news outlets have reported on Melania Trump enforcing her rights in her name in her home country of Slovenia (Hollywood Reporter). Of course, someone cannot sell a product using the name, image, or likeness of another person, unless that person has authorized it. 392 more words


What’s the point [of a trademark]anyway?

I don’t know about your line of work, but in mine, people are looking to own things. Usually that means words, ideas, logos, designs, etc. For some, this is valid; for others, not so much. 703 more words


Hear Hard Candy Roar - Sues Over CoverGirl Katy Perry Makeup Line

Hard Candy, LLC (“Hard Candy”) sued The Procter & Gamble Company (“P&G”), parent company to CoverGirl in the federal district court of Florida for 1) federal trademark infringement, 2) federal unfair competition, 3) common law trademark infringement, and 4) common law unfair competition over the alleged infringing design of Katy Perry’s makeup line with CoverGirl. 308 more words

Court Cases

WIPO annual report on IP activities for 2015

WIPO published its annual statistic regarding intellectual property activity for 2015.

According to the data the applications for patents rose with 7,8% in 2015 compare with 2014. 72 more words

Marijuana and small businesses

November 29, 2016:- In the general election the voters of Massachusetts approved a law to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana. It was a convincing eight-point win for the legalization campaign: 54% to 46%. 727 more words


Don’t Be a Dope: Protecting Your Marijuana Intellectual Property Despite Federal Prohibitions

Marijuana is still listed as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency,  but a number of states have legalized it, even for recreational use. 48 more words


Working Title

Can the title of a movie be a trademark? What about a book or play title?

“The title of a single creative work is not registrable”,* says the Trademark Office. 226 more words