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Journey to Un'Goro - Very Nearly Here (For EU)

As I write this, there’s currently a wait time of about 2 hours remaining until Journey to Un’Goro is finally going to be released to my region. 707 more words


Blue Rose Arena; Part One

It’s March 8th, 2017, when I sat down to compose this post. It’s the hour before midnight. Because March 8th is Andrei’s birthday.

Me: What are your notions about the blue rose?

2,719 more words

Possibility Storm: A Journey

The Beginning

It all started with a crazy friend, with a crazier idea during Return to Ravnica/Theros standard. A terrible idea at that, but one that would blossom into something I would come to appreciate very much in the time to come. 859 more words

Booster Busting: Dragon Ball Z Trading Cards Series 2

A while back, I found this box of DBZ boosters and nostalgia hit me. Back in the day I remember getting a single pack of these and pulling an all silver Porunga card. 285 more words


Dollar TreeCG: William Shatner's Tek World

Recently I picked up a handful of random booster packs at Dollar Tree because there’s always something interesting. The one in my town doesn’t have much, so I have to travel just to find these. 202 more words


Booster Busting: Megaman NT Warrior Trading Card Game Grave Booster Box

A few months ago I was able to catch a deal on some booster boxes for the Megaman NT Warrior TCG, but they only sat sealed and collecting dust. 180 more words


New Gaming Store Coming To Edmonton! (Apt To Game)

Well they went and did it! A little less than a year ago, I was talking to the owner of Apt To Game (then The Zone) at their Flea Market stall and now they’re hoping to open December 1st near 57th Ave & 104th St. 72 more words