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Paying the Price: Drawing Cards in Magic: The Gathering

Hey everybody! Nearly two months ago I wrote an article about evaluating different creatures in Magic: The Gathering (which you can find here). Today, I plan to do the same thing, but with spell abilities instead. 2,188 more words

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Magic: the Gathering. Let's Talk: Jund, the Return of a Legend.

For a long time, the deck known as Jund was a dominant deck in the Modern format. With a mixture of disruption, removal, and beaters, this deck was able to keep most “unfair” strategies in check. 1,161 more words

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The Three Best Magic: The Gathering Expansions

As far as card games go, Magic: The Gathering does everything bigger and better. Except, the online player experience, but Magic is designed to be enjoyed in person, at live events, and with your friends in your living room.  534 more words

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Magic: the Gathering. Let's Talk: Boros Burn, or "The Best Introduction Deck in Modern."

Modern MTG is a format that has a variety of decks to choose from, whether they are good or bad. So much so that it may be hard to pick one out for a newer player. 1,240 more words

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Magic: the Gathering. Let’s Talk: The Big, the Scary, the Mind Sculptor. A Look Into Magic’s Scariest Planeswalker.

Never have I ever seen people get so excited about a ban list update. Before this past Monday, WotC had express interest in unbanning cards in Modern, and of course, people started to speculate what they were going to take out of the ban list. 1,301 more words

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Magic: the Gathering. Let's Talk: 5 Modern Ban List Cards That Need To STAY Banned!!!

The Modern Ban List is a subject that a lot of players tend to debate about. Conversations go from what should go ON the ban list, to what needs to come out. 2,309 more words

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