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Esper Mentor

Late Sunday evening I tend to browse for the hottest and latest tech in Modern. As Modern stands it is a wide open format with a ton of unexplored territory. 330 more words

Magic: The Gathering

Storming onto the Scene

Recently I have had my “spark” ignited and my inner Planeswalker has been awoken. All it took was a bad finish at my local game store seasonal invitational tournament and I immediately knew my game was not where it used to be. 991 more words

Magic: The Gathering

Yu-gi-oh! - Shaddoll - Draft I - Shaddoll Monster Choices (6)

In these posts (shown here, here, here, and here), I was doing a Pros and Cons of each Shaddoll Fusion Monster. For each Monster Card choice, I would go into detail on what card choices I did make within this deck draft. 473 more words

Trading Card Games

DMK Custom Cards - Golden Mace (6)

Golden Mace

Equip only to a LIGHT Spellcaster-type monster. If the equipped monster destroys a monster your opponent controls, gain 1000 Life Points. If you control one face-up “Ancient Sacred Wyvern”, you can send this card to the Graveyard to gain Life Points equal to the number of monsters in your Graveyard times by 300. 114 more words

Trading Card Games

DMK Custom Cards - Swordsman of Yin and Yang (5)

Swordsman of Yin and Yang

Attribute: LIGHT         ****

This card is treated as a DARK monster. Before damage calculation, when this card attacks a LIGHT or DARK monster your opponent controls, destroy that monster. 115 more words

Trading Card Games

New Weiss Schwarz Banlist Hitting March 2

By Sean Effendi

Bushiroad has revealed a new banlist for their popular anime card game Weiss Schwarz.  New updates include Kantai Collection, Suzumiya Haruhi, and Railgun! 71 more words


Weiss Schwarz New Ability "Resonance" Explained

By Sean Effendi

The ability got me thinking.  What if it has to do with specific cards being on the field?  Check out the video below to see what I came up with.

Trading Card Games