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Ioniter Deck

I have found two “super-types” that can run well together if it has not been done so already. How about if you were to try to combine a Union deck with a Tuner deck?  260 more words


Gemulum Deck

If this has not been done yet, I personally devised a deck that works with Pendulum monsters and Gemini monsters. So you know how a Gemini monster that is summoned to the field is like a monster in Magic the Gathering that has summoning sickness, in that it cannot use its effect(‘s) immediately? 54 more words


Magic the Gathering: Paying for My Newest Passion

When I went to summer camp last summer in Vermont, I knew I’d come home with a lot of new skills. That’s what going to Circus Smirkus camp is all about, after all. 346 more words

Frontrunner Comics

Displacer X

Welcome back! It’s been yet another break, but with Oath of the Gatewatch out and Eldrazi running everywhere, it felt like it was time to crack my own Hedron and roam among them. 1,671 more words

Magic The Gathering

Hearhtstone - Introduction of Standard and Other Changes

You’ve heard right! Hearthstone is getting Standard. What is Standard you may ask? Well, it’s a game mode where only the cards released in a specific recent timeframe (basic and classic cards excluded), in this case one calendar year, can be built into a deck. 842 more words


The Popularity of Card Games

Believed to have been originally invented in China as early as the 19th century, Card Games are just as popular today. They provide fun and entertainment for the whole family and have become a must-have when friends come over.  134 more words


Duelyst - Fire Emblem and Hearthstone Had a Baby

Duelyst is the second game I’ve come across recently in the past week to be similar to Hearthstone, and just card games in general. What Duelyst has going for it in terms of difference in gameplay is the fact it’s designed more around being a strategy game, with a card system to help back it up. 660 more words

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