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Hearthstone: My Top Picks From The "Kobolds and Catacombs" Set (So far...)

With the newest Hearthstone expansion releasing on December 7th, much earlier in the month than I would have guessed, I’m getting pretty hyped. If you’re one of the lucky ones who could spend a little Christmas cash on yourself and pre-order a bundle, congrats and I totally  612 more words

Opinion Piece

Throwback Thursday: Never bet against the King of Games

“Games are not boring. Games purify our souls and leave room for new development that challenges the mind! They are the products of human wisdom!” -Seto Kaiba… 445 more words


Putting the 'C' in 'CCG': Does Being Collectable Help or Hurt these Games?

Collectible card games are some of the most divisive types of games out there. There are those that love them dearly, and amass huge collections consisting of thousands of cards. 2,023 more words

Game Design

The Lunar Curtain

I am the oarsman who will ferry you beyond the veil! The Blighted Despot, Scarmiglione—Archfiend of earth, and first of Golbez’s circle of four! – Scarmiglione… 599 more words


Happy Monday Novas! I hope everyone is being safe if you are affected by Hurricane Irma. I may or may not have power when this post goes live but I’ve tried to preset some posts to go out this week and this is one of them. 733 more words

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Geek Economy - Considering to Switch to LCG's for Good

For the last few years I have been thinking to myself that I was very much done with my trading card games – mostly Magic: The Gathering, to be honest. 799 more words


Returning to the Fold: Thoughts on Magic the Gathering's Hour of Devastation Game Day

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

I wonder if I’m in the minority of Magic the Gathering (MtG) players who want to enjoy the game in a less competitive sense? 847 more words