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Weekly Design: Nerfs and Buffs Week

Welcome to the 2nd revitalized Weekly Design post!

In this post I am going to continue relating some of our progress with Metavatar. Some of the things I’m going to go into specifically are the changes to  1,430 more words

Weekly Design

Christians and Magic The Gathering (MTG)

This weekend we’re featuring two highly-watched articles from this site’s history.

There is not a day that goes by that this article, which appeared on my son’s Facebook page a long time ago, does not come 1st or 2nd as the most-read piece here. 1,135 more words


Re-evaluating Magic: The Gathering

Lately I reconsidered my disdain for Magic: The Gathering; I even spent a lot of money buying new cards, and found my old cards back at my parents’ place. 641 more words


Bursting #GoyfGate

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written an article. Once again I’ve been spending time elsehwere, but this is a situation I felt needed to be addressed here. 3,443 more words

Magic The Gathering

Daily Challenge Adventures #3

Today, as usual, I had the option of two challenges. The first was get five knock outs with psychic type Pokemon, and the second was score 500 points of damage with grass types. 589 more words


Daily Challenge Adventures #2

So, continuing from yesterday’s blog, I am attempting today’s daily challenge against human opponents, not the questionable AI that TCGO has. What is today’s challenge? For me, it was a choice between 500 damage with fire types or put five water Pokemon evolutions in play. 907 more words


Daily Challenge Adventures #1

If you play Pokemon TCGO you will be aware that each day you get a daily challenge for you to accomplish for player experience and rewards! 1,450 more words