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Rare Pokemon card sold for $54,970

At an auction in Beverly Hills, an extremely rare Pokemon trading card – the “Pikachu Illustrator” – was purchased for a record-setting $54,970. 59 more words


The Trading Has Begun!

This year AP studio is doing another installment of trading artist cards! We each create a card (sometimes there are themes, sometimes not) and trade them with another school. 30 more words

AP Studio

Fable Lives....As A Trading Card Game

And so our story begins…

The pain of Microsoft shutting down Lionhead is still fresh in our minds and hearts but lest there is a glimmer of hope that we may still experience the fair city of Albion once again, well as best we can in the confines of a trading card game anyway. 193 more words


Surprise Prize.

Since my return to the trading card and collectables scene, I have had to search around the internet and real-life to find informative places to get my up to date information from. 270 more words


Custom Collector Cards.

A few weeks back I was at the Adelaide leg of the Oz-Comicon. There was a young artist there who amongst other styles like to portray existing characters as llamas.I didn’t manage to pick up any pieces on the day but didn’t want to miss out on having a llama-d item (does anyone know what a llama creation is called?) 176 more words


john constantine 1994

While re-reading the entire Sandman series from Vertigo this weekend, I found this John Constantine trading card from 1994. It had been safely encased in the original sealed plastic envelope for more than two decades now, like some kind of hell-blazing time capsule. 16 more words


Mail Heavy Fortnight

Well, I think that to date the last fortnight has been the most mail that I have seen since my thirteenth birthday. Not only that, but from a week that stumbled very early on it then only got better and better. 1,128 more words