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A Whittling Knife

Every odd month Charlie Richie and his crew put out the excellent magazine The Backwoodsman. Since every supermarket and gas station in Fremont County, Wyoming sells it, I stop by one of them when a new issue is out, and get it off the news rack. 585 more words


Sun Dogs

A bright corona encircled the sun, guarded on the left and the right by the red-gold shields of sun dogs. The portentous atmospheric phenomena warned of the impending storm as Jiak emerged from the fur trader’s. 854 more words

Sasha Of The Chukchi Sea

Last Leg to Dezhnevo

The first light of day beamed into camp from the eastern horizon. Jiak arose with the sun, stowed his bedroll and the tie line, and struck camp. 1,493 more words

Sasha Of The Chukchi Sea

Ranking every* brewery in the Fraser Valley

I: Why are you doing this?

You know what was fun last year? Ranking every brewery in Metro Vancouver.

You know what’s more fun? Expanding this silly project to all of southwestern British Columbia. 919 more words

Brewery Rankings

Two Years of Beers

Our local microbrewery celebrated it’s second birthday yesterday. My son and I were first in line yesterday to get in. (When they opened two years ago, I was second in line.) I enjoy going to the… 230 more words


Little Black Water

C.J. raised his hands in the universal gesture of surrender.

His body reacted of a volition he couldn’t control. He tried to speak but his throat constricted, squishing every bit of moisture from it to spurt out through his bladder. 580 more words