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Freshman at Harvard looking for possible summer learning opportunities

I'm a freshman and economics major at Harvard University who hails from a suburb on Long Island about an hour's drive away from New York City. 188 more words


Any day traders here want to trade together, I made a marketwatch game!

Hey guys, so if anyone is interested in joining my marketwatch game and grow together as a trader join in. We all start with $25,000 and the commissions in the game will be $5 per trade. 24 more words


Thoughts on stricter moderation?

I am admittedly a novice when it comes to stocks but I do spend a lot of time reading and researching.

That being said, this sub is getting pretty bad wth "I have x money what should I buy " and "I'm buying his stock but don't have any reason why, what do you guys think" threads. 107 more words


Weekly Watch

AUD/USD – Opinion: Sell

Daily has been running up without retracement, looking heavy – about time it started losing some steam.

H4 is showing signs of topping, looking for its first break down 7 more words


NIFTY weekly analysis 26-02-17

NIFTY has crossed 8900 levels comfortably making a nice big white candle.

All time high just a few centimeters away!! Once the all time high is crossed Indian markets will enter into a new uncharted territory .

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What are your opinions on SnapChat's IPO? It's parent company is losing money and it's userbase is starting to slow in terms of growth. Short sell in the future?

It looks like a stock to avoid. It's parent company is currently losing money. It's user base growth rate is slowing down. The company posted a loss of $514 M against a revenue of $404 M. 222 more words