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10 Weird and Wonderful Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Japan

If you are planning a trip to Japan, you may have read up on the latest places to go, sights to see, and restaurants to try, but how much do you really know about this amazing country? 936 more words


Mythopoeic Memory and the Oral Tradition

Memory is not a passive depository of facts, but an active process of creation of meanings. (Alessandro Portelli) 1

The relationship of memory to reality is something that we have all, at one time or another, had to face, not just the fact that our memory is unreliable, but that even our most cherished memories can turn out to be partly – even sometimes wholly – figments of our imagination.2 Dreams are an obvious case in which what we remember never actually occurred. 1,292 more words

Cultural Analysis

Planning & Preparing for Christmas (Blogmas Day 5)

Christmas can be a stressful time for many, especially if you are buying presents for young children as well as a large family or just immediate family. 95 more words

Blogmas 2016

Parable of the Nutcracker

My daughter loves ballet. Although she’s only been dancing since January, she transforms when she puts on those magic ballet slippers. She spouts of the names of the moves like a professional: arabesque, plie, passé, chasse, releve. 499 more words


Sint Twist

In the Netherlands, every year, we celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’. A lot of people confuse this Dutch tradition with Christmas. Some people even think we celebrate Christmas earlier in the Netherlands, but Sinterklaas is very much separate from Christmas. 305 more words


Day 5/25: The Nicene Creed

If you did not grow up in (I didn’t), or more recently attend, a church which follows such a tradition, you may not be familiar with the Nicene Creed. 485 more words


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Every year when December hits I get a little bit…..

……partly because it’s Christmas time and that’s amazeballs, and partly because it’s Christmas time and I have so much to do! 578 more words

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