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A Mom’s Fantasy vs. A Mom’s Reality - by ScaryMommy.com

This, too funny, and absolutely accurate, post elicited more than one chuckle.

As a mother, you have expectations. Expectations of what your child will experience, understand, love and hate growing up.

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Throwing Coin in Water

It is a common activity not only in India, but also in many other countries.

There are mainly 2 reasons why people throw coins into water: 84 more words


Finger Cutting Ritual of the Dani Tribe of Papua New Guinea

The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival in Indonesia is celebrated by the three Papua interior tribes – the Dani, Lani and Yali. It is held every… 274 more words

Strange Cultures

The island Nobody wants to leave

In the section Magic Bali: Energies and beliefs, I will write stories and tales about Bali. There is a lot of energy in Bali because of the beliefs of the people, regardless of your religion you can feel it. 267 more words


On the night you were born...

In honor of our baby turning one, I wanted to share some photos of his quilt and nursery from my archives. Sure it’s only been a year, but I did have to search for them~ I have so many photos on my phone and computer! 621 more words


Bible 1 Yr – Day 137 – Marriage, Divorce, and the Faith of Children

There are many great things to address today.

First, is Jesus teaching on divorce and remarriage. Jesus states that God’s original plan for marriage was one man and one woman and that divorce was allowed as a temporary exception. 1,403 more words


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Cymbals. And a drum. And the whine of a horn. People in paper coats. They move in train by the doors.

People collecting for public purpose, the presence of the ceremonial elements. 460 more words