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A-Z Blogging "U"

  is for “University of Utah”.


The University of Utah (also referred to as the U of U, UofU,[8] or simply The U) is a  362 more words


An Easter blessing

We hadn’t been home to New Orleans to see my family since October of last year when we enjoyed a lovely weekend in an Uptown Airbnb for our 7th wedding anniversary. 549 more words


479. Soup

This is a typical Dutch soup. It might not have originated in the Netherlands, but we do have some odd traditions around the dish. On new years day, we have the beach dive ( 75 more words


Happy Birthday, Bud

In one week, my little brother will be fifty-one(!) years old.

My birthday is twelve days before his special day.  For a million years, he would send me a twenty-dollar bill in a card, and a week later I would mail his card with a twenty in it.  619 more words

Octávo Kaléndas Maji. Luna.

Octávo Kaléndas Maji. Luna . The Twenty-Fourth Day of April. The Night of the Moon. 778 more words


Blog Map of Research and Development Progress

1. September 2018 (RESEARCH) L6 Characteristics of Practice
I begin early on in Term 1 defining some of the concrete pillars of my practice. I want to make vessels for one. 1,326 more words


Understanding Art and Human Potential

In its origins, the term “art” was not absolutely distinguished from skill and the application of skill in craftsmanship. This separation, while it allows us greater linguistic precision, ultimately clouds over insights which would otherwise have been more readily available to reason. 1,037 more words