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Το πέρασμα του Βοσπόρου

Artisan Parfumeur – Traversée du Bosphore

“Το πέρασμα του Βοσπόρου” είναι ένα άρωμα στο σταυροδρόμι του σύγχρονου κόσμου με την ανατολική κληρονομιά. Στην ανακάλυψη των στενών μυστηριακών καλντεριμιών της Ίστανμπουλ καθώς αισθησιακές οδολίσκες προβάλουν πίσω από τα ξύλινα καφασωτά των παράθυρων – τα Μουσαραμπί (Moucharabieh) όπως τα λένε. 13 more words


Growing Up Patriarchy 

The first time I came face to face with my personal male privilege, I was only maybe nine or ten years old. I was at home with my four sisters, who mind you were all three, six, eight and nine years older than me. 690 more words


Ramadan Kareem !

♪ It’s the most….wonderful tiiiiiiiiiime of the yeaaaaaaarrrrr ♫ (well, for me at least :) )

The holiest month in the religon of Islam has arrived and I am absolutely… 321 more words

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Pico - The Black Island, The Azores

Our next stop on Pico island is Arcos do Cachorro, a set of volcanic rock formations in the municipality of Madalena. The rock formation is composed of volcanic caves, grottos and lava tubes that extend to the sea creating strong eddies and… [click to read more]


When in a new country: Research!

I recently got hired as a server (I wanted to study law but I’m poor and I need to have enough money to pay for the classes) at a restaurant in Qatar and to be honest I got in through 25% Luck, 15% Comm skills, 15% Charm, 15% will power and 20% connections because you and I both know I legit have zero knowledge about being a waitress. 437 more words


Behold the Beauty of the Lord

Behold the Beauty of the Lord:

the Significance of Icons in Prayers of the Christian East

When You said, “Seek My face,” my heart said to You, “Your face, O Lord, I shall seek.” 3,429 more words


Nigerian wedding in Gombe State, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

Wedding party, bride is Eggon from Nasarawa State and the bridegroom is Tangale from Gombe State, Nigeria. #JujuFilms