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MerMay 2018 day 27 - Western

This one was challenging – but when I went with a different association for the West (not the genre), she manifested herself on paper.

(If you’re unfamiliar, in some Pagan paths water itself is associated with the West. So yeah :) ..)

Odin study

I’ve been wanting to paint Odin for a while now. I really like to read mythology not only norse but also greek and Roman. I wanted a cool Odin though not just the skinny traveler with the raven and floppy hat (I drew that also) but an Odin that you could tell he would screw your shit up in second if he wanted to. 24 more words


Some Final Changes

I made a few changes to my book, because

1. The binding wasn’t too strong and it was falling apart


2. The cove has been through some stress and it looked pretty beat up… 336 more words


artist sketch

Tried a different technique for this one, where I didn’t erase any of the sketch lines. I quite like it!