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Traditional Art - Spell Bonded Twins

For some immense reason, between working on comic pages, I wanted to draw Snow + Rose…And spend roughly four days or so spacing out the whole process. 84 more words

Art Work

Paintings made from insecurities

I hope, paintings and sculptures are loved like how most people love music.

Art, I believe is hard to sell, especially if the target market is not art inclined. 411 more words


Concept Art

I was commissioned to help design a logo. I made the concept sketches. Here are some sketches to show how the logo I worked on changed in so many ways.



The original

Ever story has a beginning. “Pink Royalty” is still a very mysterious comic series I announced a while ago. The only clue about its nature is a character profile for one character so far (more are yet to come I promise). 38 more words


Sunday Gnomedays 8-13-17

Really meant to draw something cute this week, but I appear to be channeling the sadness of current world affairs. Can’t help but feel like Faerie itself is saddened, too.

The Pit Fighter.

I had the idea for this painting quite a while ago and never really had the nerve to try my hand at it, but I wanted to challenge myself and try to see how fast I could get this done and still be happy with it. 71 more words