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Stop the Noise

It’s Kipka again!

I wasn’t feeling too great tonight, but instead of wallowing in discomfort, I got out my art tools and went to work. Not only is this piece very personal, but it actually helped me feel better! 11 more words


Which boy? Witch-Boy!

I stayed up waaaaay too late working on this, but I’m so happy with it I feel it was worth it. c: My first introduction to Klarion was on The New Batman Adventures show I watched as a kid, and I’ve been low-key obsessed with the character ever since. 23 more words



A cover for Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. The young prince reads his words while haunted by the vengeful ghost of his father.

Made with acrylics and brushes.

Traditional Art

Inktober - day 21 - furious

Ugh! Messed this one up a lot. Need to practice how to illustrate fire. Any advice is welcome.