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Painting a River Landscape

I have always been enjoyed visiting a state park up in the Northwest corner of Arkansas called Devil’s Den. The rocks lining the river for miles and the only sounds are the birds and flowing water. 277 more words

Character Ref Sheet - Cyne (wip)


Cyne, judging from his appearance has a sinister yet not quite that intimidating look on his face. Despite having such distinct facial features, he appears to have a cheery disposition, he is a playful, easy-go-lucky character. 364 more words

Digital Art

Inked DR art from 2017

Fanart of Kokichi Ouma and Shuichi Saihara from New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Drawn traditionally and scanned.


49/365 - 51/365

A self-portrait I started on last year but never finished. This day I picked it up again, finished it and added some background colour in Photoshop. 102 more words

43/365 - 44/365

Two characters I’m currently developing: Astrid and her dog Eggsy. I hope to create a children’s book (or comic) with these two later on. This is just my first draft and I have to make character profiles for them. 134 more words

Storyboards, Cells, and Artbook for Brotherhood is Power

Hey everyone. To take a break from all the youtube stuff I’ve been doing have the Artbook for my thesis project. Some of you might remember one of my original posts on here and how it showed an animation short I did for college. 96 more words

Different Types of Pencil

Probably no drawer can imagine a life without a pencil.
It’s just an ordinary thing (like a rubber eraser, which I will write about another time), however, there are many pieces of information about pencil many people don’t know. 1,661 more words