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Tradtional Art - An Unwanted Surprise

Materials Used: STAEDTLER 2H Lead Pencil, and a Profile Ballpoint Pen.

I wanted to re-draw this very, very old drawing I did back around 2010/2011. Why, you ask? 49 more words

Art Work

Week 29: March 30-April 3

8th Grade Digital Art: 1st hour

Essential Question: How does art impact our place in the world?

Content Standards:

ART.VA.II.8.3    Effectively collaborate, communicate, and work with others to create new ideas. 541 more words


Original Characters - Modern Day Personalities

Materials Used: STAEDTLER 2H Lead Pencil, Copic Mulitliners,
Copic Markers, Primsacolor Markers, and a Sakura White Gellyroll Pen.

No, seriously; at times, I just need to see how my characters would wind up if they were in our time, and of how they’d interact with one another… Its honestly really, really fun to imagine, even more so when I’m in a blockage for ideas!

Art Work

Work In Progress - Modern Day Clothing

At times, I need to draw my OCs in clothing they would never wear.

Art Work

Second abstract study

My first attempt was the artwork tittle “Musical”, that piece and this piece were part of a school assignment. I went with different approaches on each one. 25 more words


Mariposa Study #1 Color.

This was my first attempt to do the butterfly theme in color.
Prismacolor pencils. Strathmore colored paper.