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Traditional Art of Deedia

This was the first speedpaint I did of traditional art. I recorded this with my phone by stacking up some small boxes and setting my phone on top of it. 29 more words


Random Sketch Notebook #4

     From March, 2017:

     I like sketching faces. I’m not very good at just drawing a face though so sometimes when I’m watching tv, I’ll just pause it and start sketching the person on screen using whatever pen or pencil I happen to have nearby. 74 more words


Sky - Cat Portrait

This is my late cat, Sky.

Medium: Graphite

Size: A4


Goauche - Landscape


Being 100% honest here, it’s so much easier painting a landscape when Bob Ross just tells you what colours to use. Clearly I need to watch more of his shows and try to steal all his secrets


Love and Hate

Each day I wished I could hate.

I wished I could forget and stay angry.

But it hurt more to be angry than it did to forgive and love.


New Zealand Travel Photography: Faded Beauty

Welcome back to another post of my ‘Travel Photography’ – series. If you’re new here, I’m not a photography expert, I’m just enthusuiastic about photography. Currently, I’m using a Panasonic Lumix GF7. 231 more words

Travel Tuesday

The Sketchbook #1

The first edition of the thing I said I was going to do! talk about the stuff that’s in my sketchbook. So grab some juice and sit back, it’s time to look at what I’m developing, what I’ve finished, and what is ending just as a sketch! 345 more words