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Happy Birthday Doodle

I just wanna share with you my doodle for my loving partner. He just turned 25 today!

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.:: LoZ: Twilight Princess ::.

I absolutely love the Legend of Zelda series, and Twilight Princess is my favorite game! I drew this fan art about a month ago while I was replaying the game and decided to practice inking old-school with my G-nib and ink. 10 more words


.:: Chat Noir Illustration ::.

I’ve been very invested in the animated series Miraculous Ladybug as of late so here’s a small fan art of Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste, my favorite character 🐱💙 … 25 more words


Traditional Art - ★Space In All Her Glory★

‘She always had a reason to smile; let it be from newly formed stars, to the small beings on Earth, Julia found herself happy to be apart of the system that helped them grow.

34 more words
Art Work

Musician portrait

For this painting, I used a photo of a musician named Devandra Bernhart for reference. The picture itself was blue but I didn’t want to use blue again just yet so I went for a red that turned into brown. 147 more words


Green eyed bearded man

I think I mentioned before that I’d been thinking to try and paint guys more. Just for practise and for something different I guess. So thats what I did today. 127 more words


Glass of Wine

After having a glass of wine I got inspiration to draw one. This was drawn after my blue wine glass and I wanted it on a table for a surface to be on.