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Localized Love

        A LOT of the time,  I draw without being conscious of it. It’s something I’ve always done. You’d get a better answer if you asked me when I started breathing. 115 more words

Static Nature

I didn’t drawed a static nature for like 2 years. So I’ve tried some weeks ago to remind myself on how to draw different objects, these drawings are a part from my university exams.

Traditional Art

The Reality of Imagination

Perhaps this is a bit of a bittersweet interpretation of what reality sometimes feels like compared to imagination. The background is an explosion of psychedelic rainbow colors, full of energy, however, the girl present is blind to view, her eyes covered by cloth or bandages, and she breaths out a plum of smoke. 190 more words

WaterColour Painting Workshop at Lilly Lee Gallery

Hello everyone!

A few days ago I completed a watercolour workshop at Lilly-Lee Gallery & Art Studio! I had an amazing time learning all sorts of watercolour techniques, such as flat washes, gradient washes and the adorably named “scrumbling” technique. 70 more words


Multimedia Creation

I like to draw my characters. It helps me to see them exist outside of words on a page. Of course, one of the best parts of reading a book is imagining the characters for yourself. 32 more words


Digital and Traditional Art 1st Trimester Schedule

1st hour:  Digital Imaging 8

2nd hour:  Art 6

3rd hour:  Art 7

4th hou:  PLAN

5th hour:  Art 7

6th hour:  Art 6