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Animation Final Project

My final animation project for my survey of animation class, the prompt of which was to demonstrate what a city means to us.

Best Work


Random Octopus from imagination. Didn’t quite land the head.
What should I put in the background? I want to go with something funky and outlandishly contradictory. 12 more words


Mixed Media Kitsune Canvas

I had a lot of fun making this! This is a piece inspired by the mythical creature, the Kitsune. In many folklore, Kitsune are known to disguise as a pretty lady to try to either trick others or to repay a favour to someone by being a loyal companion to list some examples. 37 more words

Mama Moose Heart 2

Another happy birthday moose for my lovely Mama yesterday <3

She’s been having a really rough year, so everybody please send her extra love.


So, I’ve been pretty down about a lot of political nonsense lately, so I channeled it into something more productive and positive.

Remember, no matter who you are, you are a beautiful human being.




When I’m bored, can’t sleep, or am feeling down, I draw JoJo’s.