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February 28

Only have time for an outline for now. Color/detail will have to come tomorrow. Gn world 🙃🙃


Watercolor in progress

Hope can finish it before saturday ;-;

I used reeves watercolor and v-tec waterbrush!

Anime Art

February 27

As far as Mondays go, this one’s been pretty good 🙃🙃 ~ hope yours has been too


Spider Eyeball Robot 

I remembered there was this spider Eyeball Robot from Jonny Quest. So after thinking that I made this, first I used pencil and then traced it all over with markers. 18 more words

February 26

Seimei rly is one of those characters you love to hate ~ they’re so evil, but it’s fascinating. And though you don’t want to, you can’t help but be drawn in by their darkness ~ but on another note, I’m not ready for this weekend to be over T.T


Week 24: February 27-March 3

8th Grade Art: 1st and 6th hours

Essential Question: How does art impact our place in the world?

Content Standards:

ART.VA.II.8.3    Effectively collaborate, communicate, and work with others to create new ideas. 465 more words