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Hidden Stars | Day 23 World Watercolor Month

I had to take a picture today and it isn’t looking too good I tried my best to adjust it in the photo editor though but I’m not happy with it. 103 more words


Bubbles | Day 22 World Watercolour Month

I painted this in the wee hours of the morning. Painting is a nice way to start the day I’d say.
The green bubbles are sap green – I couldn’t quite get the values to show less yellow. 14 more words


Cerulean Comfort

As the amount of work that needs to be done has trickled down, I’ve took it upon myself to make my own project. A series of painting depicting vixens. 346 more words



This imo looks terrible. But, it was just a super quick experiment which is why the text is wonky and the planchette isn’t even. I’m still trying to learn how to use the P.H. 43 more words

Happy Fun Time | Day 21 World Watercolor Month

I spent most of my time crocheting today (I’m making this cute little amigurumi bunny for a friend – I’ll post it when I’m done IF it looks cute lol). 44 more words