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drawing: jen

I don’t know if I’ve uploaded any pictures of Mara on here, but Jen is from the same story as her. They’re best friends.

Original Art

doodle: french people are tough

I can’t take any credit for the joke (I saw it on tumblr, I think), but I think it’s hilarious, much like the cat on the right.

Original Art

doodle: hardcore vs casual

If you don’t think it’s gatekeeping, I don’t want to know.

Original Art

Acrylic Abstract Paintings

I played around with acrylics over the weekend, creating larger abstract pieces. I don’t know; I thought I had decided to narrow down my focus but here I am exploring even farther. 144 more words

Traditional Art

Week 4: September 26-30

7th Grade Art: 2nd, 3rd and 5th hours

Essential Question: How does Art shape our view of the world?

Content Standards:

ART.VA.I.7.3      Demonstrate the use of successful visual vocabulary at an emerging level. 470 more words



1. Someone Running

2. A Speeding Car

3. A Newspaper Blowing in the Wind

4. Someone Slipping on Ice

Storytelling- 2 old friends, meeting at a cafe… 54 more words