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Istanbul Airport Attack

With the shocking news of yesterday’s terror attack at Istanbul Airport dominating the headlines, our thoughts an prayers are with the victims and their relatives. This is the continuation of a recent string of sad news, and we can now see a more coherent picture emerging. 333 more words


Shenannigans of traditional astrologers: a closer look at a critic, Saturn opposite Sun and other trivia

Sunday’s augury has gone reasonably well and bright faced Selene has chased away Mars who has had the bad tendency to rise in exact opposition to my window lately, so this is a beautiful night to write something light hearted. 11,038 more words


Shenanigans in traditional astrology

I have been planning to adjunct my critical posts on modern astrology with a few equally critical of traditional astrology for a while now. Instead of a couple of very long posts, I’d imagined I’d do it piecemeal, with individual concepts examined, tested and then written about. 4,280 more words


Mercury in Aries in Cazimi with the Sun


Today Mercury is Cazimi in a superior conjunction with the Sun.


The cazimi condition is when any planet is close enough to the Sun as to be within 17’ (minutes, or arc minutes) of the Sun. 279 more words