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Mercury in Aries in Cazimi with the Sun


Today Mercury is Cazimi in a superior conjunction with the Sun.


The cazimi condition is when any planet is close enough to the Sun as to be within 17’ (minutes, or arc minutes) of the Sun. 279 more words


The new Solar Year or the Aries ingress of the Sun,

International events have caught my attention in the recent months particularly the course of events in Europe, normally I follow my local clime, even though I took a look at it about a month ago I will focus elsewhere. 1,512 more words


Mercury in Pisces Moving Fast and Other Numina

This week, from the Sunday March 13, to Sunday March 20th, Mercury is traveling at a much faster speed than its average.


When planets in the sky are in fast motion the experiences associated with them on earth also move quickly. 295 more words


Natal Interp Series II: Native Houseruler in the Second sign

II. Native Houseruler in the 2nd place

This is not a dignified place nor any place which is averted to the ASC, though it is indeed following the ascendant. 525 more words


Natal Interp Series 1: Native Houseruler in ASC

I. Native Houseruler in the ASC
The best way to put it is how Sahl Ibn Bisher details that a planet in its own sign is like a person in their own house. 194 more words


Intro to Series in Natal Interpretation : Houseruler Positions

I have found myself doing an increased amount of trig and to say the least I needed a break so I indulged to write the following, I will divide and post them as they are completed. 188 more words


Venus in Aquarius 2016 -- Lightning's Love and Friendship

As Venus travels through each sign in the Zodiac, this planet demonstrates the feeling tone of charm, affection, sharing, pleasantness, indulgences, tastes, and interpersonal interaction both socially and intimately. 781 more words

Saturn In Sagittarius