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Astrological Significance of Torah

This is wonderful, albeit brief introduction to Jewish Astrology by Yaakov Kronenberg to follow-up on the Judaism & Divination article. He discusses how the Torah is saturated with astrological significance. 28 more words

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Judaism & Divination

What I have to say here is not limited to Judaism by any means, but there are key concepts and beliefs within the religion that are helpful in explaining  the often awkward relationship between astrology and particularly monotheistic religions. 527 more words

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Al-Kindi – The Transmission of Greek Metaphysics to Islamic Theology

A blog post on someone of the stature of al-Kindi can scarcely do him justice; but it can serve as an introduction to this extraordinary man as well as the transmission and absorption of Greek texts into Islamic theology. 1,999 more words

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Sun Sign Glyphs and Their Planetary Rulers

Image above from: http://jothidampariikaaram.com/english/?jothidam=Jothidam&year=2016&month=04&post=2247

In Western astrology each sign of The Zodiac has a planetary ruler, which starts with Aries which is ruled by Mars and finishes with Pisces which is ruled by Neptune. 183 more words