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Inanna & the Eternal Feminine

The above artwork is from an unknown source. If anyone knows the identity of the artist, please drop me a line. It’s a great interpretation of a goddess who often looks more like a harpy in some of her traditional representations. 1,767 more words

Traditional Astrology

Saunders’ Excellent Astrological Observations and Aphorisms concerning Diseases and Sick persons

Richard Saunders, a native of Warwickshire, was born in 1613, and became a well-known practitioner of astrology and chiromancy from about 1647 onwards. William Lilly referred to him as an ‘old and valued friend’, and he was also a friend and admirer of the famous antiquarian and astrologer Elias Ashmore. 1,902 more words


Jupiter in Virgo, etc

Mercury is in retrograde, and it seems some people are confused about the essential dignity system-or I just managed to avoid looking at the date certain posts were made, which is also common for me during these times. 77 more words

Jyotish/Vedic Astrology Gemstones are a scam

They are not even Talismans, they are vastly overpriced amulets, and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to do astrological magic, or even hundreds. 34 more words