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The Zoroastrian Journey

Narration: Marit Haar. Scripted & Produced by Kaizad Bhabha

Traditional Astrology

The Magi & the Flame Part II

The identity of the Magi, the nature of the star they followed and when it all took place has been subject to debate for centuries. We cannot even be certain that the event took place at all in the historical sense. 563 more words

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In Our Time - Renaissance Magic

This video deals with the Renaissance Magi and is related to the previous post. I would also like to take the opportunity to promote this channel.   40 more words

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Why Study Classical Astrology

When first faced with classical or traditional astrology[1] some astrologers steeped in the multifaceted mythical images of psychological and archetypal astrology are put off by what appears to be a dull, colourless and outmoded form of astrology. 405 more words

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St Lucy's Day & Winter Solstice

Saint Lucy’s Day, is a Christian Feast celebrated on 13 December in Advent  The Feast is usually associated with Scandinavian countries but is also celebrated in Italy. 29 more words

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Traditional and Modern astrology: a philosophical exploration (part 5 - Pythagoras)

Pythagoras and the Magic of Numbers

It is probably redundant to say that most everything in our Universe can be understood through numbers. Mathematics is truly the universal language, the secrets of which were first explored and brought to our consciousness by Pythagoras who lived from about 570 to 495 BCE. 715 more words

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Traditional and modern astrology: a philosophical exploration (part 4)

How does Greek Philosophy Relate to Astrology?

Horoscopic astrology developed alongside the ideas of classical Greek philosophy. It could be said that the observation of the sky and planetary motions inspired much philosophical musing. 608 more words

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