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Horary to the rescue...sort of

On the last day of the UAC 2018 Chicago conference a young woman lost her wallet. As she was surrounded by astrologers many of whom are proficient in horary astrology it was only natural that a question was asked, a chart drawn up and judgements pronounced. 1,037 more words


The Lingering Mystery of the 911 Prediction

For many people, the events of 9/11 are considered clear and fully explained. Whether these people are in the majority is another question, Still, I have no intention of addressing the still-mounting number of theories, except to point to the level of uncertainty, the improbable nature of much of the official story and the vast array of alternate theories about what happened on that bright September day in New York 17 years ago. 1,618 more words

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Solar Eclipse of June 30, 1954 - Brothers in Arms

The Total Solar Eclipse of June 30, 1954, is distinguished in no small part by its reach. Totality stretched from the US to Eastern Canada, over Greenland, parts of Scandinavia, Eastern Europe through Iran, Afghanistan and to Northwestern India. 1,652 more words

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What does the coming year hold for the United States? Aries Ingress 2018

When medieval and renaissance astrologers wanted to look ahead for a nation, they often used what’s called the “Aries Ingress” chart.  A chart is cast using the location of the capitol at the moment the sun first enters the tropical sign of Aries.  1,054 more words


Indian Cosmology : Astrological Mysticism in the The Surya Siddhanta – I

Earth is a sphere

Thus everywhere on the terrestrial globe,
people suppose their own place higher ,
yet this globe is in space where there is no above nor below. 1,276 more words

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Total Solar Eclipse of 8 August 1496 - The Mayan Apocalypse

A dramatic Total Solar Eclipse occurred on 8 August 1496 with maximum eclipse at 20:36 UT. It must have been frightening for the indigenous people  The eclipse plunged the Sun into darkness for 5 minutes and 30 seconds at maximum, creating an extraordinary spectacle for observers in a broad path up to 236 km wide. 655 more words

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