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Cancer Ingress of the Sun - Summer Solstice

The Solstices and the two Equinox are of great significance.  For Mundane astrologers, they are consulted along with the ingress of the planets, eclipses and a variety of other elements, depending on exactly what is being sought. 1,015 more words

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Pythagorean Tuning : Music, Mathematics, Geometry & Visual Art

The Octave, Tuning, Intervals, Circle of Fifths, Proportion …

The following video serves as a brilliant and succinct introduction to Pythagorean Tuning. Pythagorean Theory and Music speaks to essential elements of Astrology.

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Did Donald Trump Collude with Russia?

May 11, 2017, at 3:14 PM, Boston, MA, USA, LMT

Since the unexpected firing of FBI Director James Comey, many are deeply concerned about what Trump is trying to hide. 1,225 more words


Spring Equinox / Nouruz - 2017

Wishing Everyone a Great Spring Equinox / Nouruz The Chart is Set for GMT.

The celebration of the New Year in one way or another is virtually universal, although what is recognized as the new year differs. 433 more words

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Davao City, the City of Jupiter

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius with domicile Lord of Luminaries is well dignified Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Davao City Inception chart: Time Unknown

Davao City’s inception chart has the Sun and Moon in the domiciles of Jupiter- the Sun in Pisces and Moon in Sagittarius. 899 more words


Commentary on Averrores - BBC

Abū l-Walīd Muḥammad Ibn ʾAḥmad Ibn Rushd‎ (Latinized as Averroes), lived from 14 April 1126 – 10 December 1198. He was a Medieval Andalusian polymath who wrote profusely on logic, Aristotelian and Islamic philosophy, theology, the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence,  psychology, political and Andalusian classical music theory, geography and mathematics, Averroes is of great importance in Islamic philosophy for multiple reasons. 64 more words

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