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A few more photos of the inside before it gets the ribs fitted

It is now time to start to think about putting the ribs in and then the breasthook and transom knees in and then the gunwales… 69 more words

Wooden Boat Building

Final plank fixed in position

Finally the last plank is now being fitted

The final rebate being cut and the plank being fitted to the stem

The first of the moulds been removed as the plank is nailed in place. 42 more words

Wooden Boat Building

Getting ready to fit the ribs in the dinghy next week

The job was to get the last piece of green oak I had around and plane it to thickness ready to cut it up to the correct size. 44 more words

Wooden Boat Building

'Arinda' the 28' Randall design planked in huon pine

She came out of the water looking beautiful, but unfortunately had some movement under the mast step. It was found that some fasteners were severely corroded or non existent. 35 more words

'Larapinta' 38' William Atkins inspired ketch

Built in 1945 ‘Larapinta’ has twice circled the globe. We completed works below the waterline, removing copper tingles for inspection and re-caulking with oakum.