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Maple Syrup Season. READ-ALOUD.

INFO:  Purnell, Ann.  Maple Syrup Season.  2008

DESC:   A family works together to tap maple trees, collect sap, and make syrup.

TAGS:  Highland Park, Read-Aloud, How-to, Family, Ohio

Tohono O'odham Nation

Rebecca Cohen, ’12, reflects on her first year as a FoodCorps service member on the  Tohono O’odham Nation, the second largest Indian reservation in the country. 1,000 more words

Food @ Harvard

Rekindling SQ

Much has happened since the Copenhagen Conference. I matured heaps last year, and so did my interests. This blog will reflect those new interests: holistic health, traditional foodways, and sustainable food systems, specifically.

Do stay tuned!

Holistic Health

Bread baked over fire

There is something about the Western Galilee that enchants me.  The landscape is so rugged and pristine,  and it seems like the spirits of Crusaders are still hovering in the air.  360 more words

Galilee Foods

Barley Water: An Ancient Refreshing Drink

I first ran across barley water when reading a novel set in early 19th Century Britain, where it was prescribed as a drink for the ill and infirm. 1,154 more words

Food History

A Brief History of the Birthday Cake

Today is Comestibles’ first anniversary, so what better corner of food history to explore than that of the birthday cake.

People have been celebrating holidays with special baked goods for thousands of years, but the white fluffy birthday cake with sweet icing we associate with every child’s party is a fairly modern invention. 992 more words

Food History

In the Kitchens of King Henry VIII

One of the best things about attending the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery is the chance to meet people with all sorts of interesting food-related jobs. 813 more words

Food History