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Available or not? A question about the IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution’s (QCD) availability we asked almost every year in the last decade since its introduction in the Pension Protection act of 2006.

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Retirement Plans in 1-2-3

April 17th, the last date an entry was posted to notrustfunds, was 201 days ago. In that time, we have learned Trump is being taken seriously by the GOP, bringing new meaning to the Grand Old Party and simultaneously spawning a new series of reality television where contestants take turns shouting on a stage. 944 more words

How much is your 401K costing you?

This week I met with clients with retirement planned 6 to 10 years from now.

In reviewing their retirement plans, the question I asked was, “How much do you need to contribute in order to get the company to contribute their profit-sharing piece. 186 more words


Be Savage About Saving

Dear Young People,

It’s time to make an awesome plan that will lead you through a financially stress free life and a comfortable retirement.  Imagine that, stress free, worry free and without a lot of pain.   545 more words


Tax Tips - Inherited IRA Tax Basis

I inherited an IRA account. How is that taxable income to me?

Same as Decedent

When you inherit an IRA, your basis in the account is the same as the decedent’s basis. 305 more words


The Traditional IRA versus the Roth IRA?

In dividing marital property and debt in a divorce, the court has to accomplish this in a just manner in an equitable division state.  Both Missouri and Illinois are both equitable division states where the court looks at various factors in dividing marital property and debt. 367 more words


Roth vs. Traditional Part Three: Contributions

This is the third part of American Trust Bank’s series on IRAs: Roth vs. Traditional. If you missed part one of the series,