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Contractors: Do You Know How to Connect With Them and Stay Connected?

By John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman, Sonnhalter

Manufacturers who focus on contractors and professional tradesmen need to understand who they are and what makes them tick. … 295 more words

Marketing Tips

13 Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever!

  1. Post content that helps your audience – Guess what…You are the industry professional–and your audience is following you just for that reason. Post relevance content that they can learn and grow from.
  2. 713 more words
Internet Marketing

Online Marketing: Customized for the Future

Experts have widely agreed that advertising campaigns through TV or radio are effective if they reach a mere 2% of their audience. This staggering statistic has left businesses at a loss as they try to figure out how to truly expand their marketing horizons outside of these “traditional” means. 786 more words

Social Media

The Benefit of Feedback

The value of feedback is often overlooked by many, however it should be at the end of each and every end to end process you have. 894 more words


How to plan for digital marketing

In the wake of digital marketing, it is not surprising that you feel clueless. Many organizations are still grappling with understanding why they need a Facebook page, a Twitter handle and a blog. 704 more words

#FocusFriday – Focus on Your Message and Messaging

With so many platforms, strategies and marketing approaches available to us, it is easy to become distracted. Many gravitate to new, exciting and technology-focused marketing tools and social media platforms.  939 more words

Personal Branding

Social Marketing vs Network Marketing

As technology evolves, we are becoming increasingly dependent on the need to adapt and to change in order to stay relevant and to thrive. However, the question often arises – ‘how do I use social media or online marketing to build my MLM business?’ Many people see the potential of social media and online tools but don’t know how to use them and can feel daunted by their perceived mystery. 322 more words

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