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Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

The battle between traditional and digital marketing, has been going on for sometime, but before proceeding to who is winning this race by far, first let’s discuss the explanations for each and the foreseen advantages and disadvantages. 482 more words

Ansoff Matrix အား Content Marketing ျဖင့္ ခ်ဥ္းကပ္ျခင္း (သို႔မဟုတ္) Content Marketing ျဖင့္ မဟာဗ်ဴဟာေျမာက္ Growth ျဖစ္ေစျခင္း

Growth Strategies လို႔ေျပာလိုက္ရင္ Marketer ေတြအားလံုးေျပးျမင္ၾကတာကေတာ့ Ansoff Matrix ဆိုတာႀကီးပါပဲ။ (ပံုတြင္ Refer ျပဳလုပ္ရန္) အဓိကကေတာ့ Growth Options ေတြ စဥ္းစားတဲ့အခ်ိန္ေတြမွာေပါ့။ ဒီ Matrix ႀကီးက မိမိ ကုန္ပစၥည္း/၀န္ေဆာင္မွဳ စတာေတြကို ေစ်းကြက္ (Market) ထဲမွာ ဘယ္လိုပံုစံနဲ႔ ေရွ႕ဆက္မွာလဲဆိုတဲ့ပံုစံကို စဥ္းစားတဲ့ေနရာမွာ အေထာက္အကူျဖစ္ေစတယ္။ Growth Stragegy အေနနဲ႔ ေရြးခ်ယ္စရာကေတာ့ ၄ မ်ိဳးပါ။ 242 more words

Content Marketing

Inbound Marketing; How Inbound Marketing brings customers to you.

Traditional Outbound Marketing

Most of us grew up in a world dominated by traditional (outbound) marketing. This strategy includes any medium that pushes products or services on customers. 1,159 more words

Inbound Marketing

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

We will look into a history of both traditional marketing and digital marketing to see which ones can help your business whether it is a big or small business. 458 more words

Digital Marketing… Is it heading in the right direction?

Yes, digital marketing is an unbelievable way to reach a huge audience with much lower set up and spends as compared to the conventional marketing used for generations.  364 more words

Session 2 Blog Post

In session 2 we looked into the marketing techniques that our businesses used. So in my case Mon Amie Studios use both traditional and digital advertisements. 246 more words

Foundations of Digital Marketing Management

In 2013 I completed my Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing Management at the University of West Indies – Kingston, Jamaica Campus. I naturally gravitated towards marketing during the program and decide to specialize in Marketing. 350 more words

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