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What's a "Tigsik"?

Tigsik /tig-sik/ is a form of short poetry in the Bicol language that often are cynical or flattering and tends to touch certain topics, issues and people. 96 more words


_Spoils of the War_

_spoils of the war_
*_(An epistle)_*

_Larinnaka !_

Come forth,that I might anoint your forehead,

With this palm wine that forsake fermentation,

When the moon walks upon the absence of the sun, 747 more words


Of Rhyme & Reason iii: the coda (vino in veritas revised)— the end as the beginning as the end of the…

Of Rhyme & Reason: the coda (vino in veritas revised)— the end as the beginning as the end of the…

vino in veritas (revised)

i stopped tallying birthdays around the 17th Century… 3,015 more words


Spoken Word brings poetry home

poetry, n. writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm – …

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Of Rhyme & Reason No2—The reason the rhymer rhymes their rhymes

New poets or those poets who wish to write in traditional forms will start by considering rhyme; i am sure, even if they decide not to use it, poetry suggests rhyme to the uninitiated & a poet will probably make a decision not to use it: perhaps it feels remote, difficult, constricting, unnecessary, not what they have in mind; — whatever the reason, there is inevitably consideration. 1,927 more words


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New ebook of poetry on Kindle!

The poems in Faces in a Crowd reminds us how much alike we are, even in our differences. These glimpses into human nature, spiritual matters, and our relationships with one another come alive in free verse, prose poems, and traditional poetry forms. 11 more words