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Said and done

What’s left to do when all’s said and done
and everyone’s lost but no one has won
when time’s turned your hopes into ghosts, and you’ve run? 102 more words

Poems (maybe Poetry, Too)

My Poetry: The Dragonfly

When summer glazes grass gold, graze its field
The dimmed diamond you are. Catch heaven’s haunt
Free fall his air, yet Death’s decreed force flees, 96 more words


Why do People not like Poetry?

Reading a few articles in my reader feed brought my eyes upon this article discussing the problem as to why people are not interested in poetry. 1,333 more words


The Autumn Lover

Where wind walks leafbeats linger long

The brushed breath rushing limbs, bark, flush

The furl, unwhirling season’s dress.

While ages guess a searching sight

Confesses stress, the instress, prides… 42 more words



Pantoums are a traditional poetry style that rely less on the repetition of syllables and more on the repetition of exact lines. The most traditional style of pantoum is typically associated with nature, and beauty, or something that makes the writer sad or upset in nature.   404 more words



Don’t be

Taken for a ride

Told how to swim

But not to fly


Tell them

Be through with lies

Jump of the limb… 9 more words


Of you

Take the page

Turn the pen

Lift the line

There is no mess

That needs be erased

By you

Be the ink

Be the dot… 11 more words