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The Dark Arts by Blackfriars Tattoo on Maylord Street

It hasn’t been long since Jon Tagart Harper established Blackfriars Tattoo on Maylord Street in the Hereford city centre, and already he has had two guest, tattooists and bookings to keep him awake for days and still never catch up.   250 more words

Hereford INK

Traditional compass by Luc 

For many, the first time a person walks into a tattoo shop to get tattooed, they don’t know what to expect. A certain uneasy gut wrenching feeling of nervousness sets in. 106 more words

Tradition Of The Bamboo Tattoo

Whilst I was in Thailand on the beautiful island of Koh Phi Phi, I decided (as spontaneously as it gets) to indulge in a souvenir which would last my lifetime – whilst at the same time participating in an ancient Asian tradition, that of the bamboo tattoo. 332 more words


Tattoo Masterpost

I’m on a mission to cover up all my old, badly done tattoos with nice, more traditional (I guess) work. This is a long post & I’m going to keep adding to it. 106 more words


"Dont let them get to you"

I havent done a proper blog post in months. and i apologize! My final year has caught up with me and it has been a pretty busy couple of months working on my Design magazine. 1,181 more words

Traditional Japanese Back Tattoo by Justin

A traditional Japanese snake with bamboo just started on the back by Justin.  Progress pics to come.  Justin says, “More traditional Japanese requests, please.”