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Instagram Weekly Round Up #2

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely joy filled week with lots of snow as I saw most people on my Instagram feed get loads of snow, me however I barely got any but I am kinda over winter and wanting spring to come now, I have moved my weekly Insta round ups to Monday as I just feel like it will help me beat the Monday blues by posting. 446 more words


Tattoo Talk #1

So as some of you have already noticed I have a couple of tattoos so I thought I’d show them off and tell you a bit more about them and why I got them. 557 more words


Traditional Tattoo & World Culture Festival Giveaway!


Buy any of our festival tickets online to win:

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The Tattoo Collectors: Film & Fiction

When I was a child, my favourite Roald Dahl story was Skin, a macabre tale about an old tattooist named Drioli, who has a magnificent work of art tattooed on his back by the famous painter Chaïm Soutine. 1,344 more words

Art Collectors

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Fascinating material about tattoos and the people who collect them by Dr Gemma Angel, academic and tattoo researcher.

The Dark Arts by Blackfriars Tattoo on Maylord Street

It hasn’t been long since Jon Tagart Harper established Blackfriars Tattoo on Maylord Street in the Hereford city centre, and already he has had two guest, tattooists and bookings to keep him awake for days and still never catch up.   250 more words

Hereford INK

Traditional compass by Luc 

For many, the first time a person walks into a tattoo shop to get tattooed, they don’t know what to expect. A certain uneasy gut wrenching feeling of nervousness sets in. 106 more words