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Why do people hesitate from getting tattoos?

Tattoos have become quite common today. More and more people like to get inked as it expresses something for them. But many people still hold themselves back from getting inked as they have certain fears and doubts reinforced by common misconceptions. 157 more words

Traditional Tattoos

Wearing the Traditional American Flag as a tattoo | American Traditional Tattoos.com

                                   All  of us in america pretty much agree that our american flag is one of the most beutiful representations of a country in the world.So many stars resembling all the states that have joined together to create such a beautiful nation and build hope and freedom for all who would grasp it.As patriotic as we are, we sometimes represent our love  and loyalty for our nation by setting a flag post on the side of our house or maybe get the little flags to line the drive way.In todays society people are representing america openly with tattoos  of the american flag and all its glory ( i have posted below (update every week)===– 68 more words

American Traditional Tattoos

Worlds largest Tattoo Layout Site running for 4 years + Traditional American traditional patriotic Tattoos

 Miami ink has been the world’s largest tattoo design layout site with alot of american Traditional and patriotic tattoos for the choosing.The selection that you are seen available too arent like any other i’ve experienced The selection ranges from holdiays like christmas to saint patricks day, lol, i mean its huge.One of the things that make this Tattoo layout membership site one of the best in the world is the saftey tutorials and training tutorials that come with the membership of this website.The second thing is the low cost for membership im currently working on an full body cast of american traditional memorials and holidays from the selection and im having every tattoo that i have linked with those tiny to big filled in stars.. 127 more words

American Traditional Tattoos

Welcome to American Traditional Tattoos.Com

                                           Welcome to my site! Here I give you a few idea’s on what type of American traditional tattoos to choose from through pictures and symbols.There are not really a Vast variety, but that’s because American traditional tattoos are rare..But recently I came across a website called… 826 more words

American Traditional Tattoos

The Sagada Saga: Let's Talk About Bontoc

Are we there yet? Don’t get too excited.

After passing by several mountainside waterfalls, chasing fogs that come and go, going through narrow roads, and traversing the sides of large steep (at times eroding) hills adorned by abundant local sunflower during cold season and white grass flowers approaching summer season, you will reach the capital town of Mountain Province: Bontoc. 315 more words