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I Just Paid $30,000 for Chipped Paint?

Well, it has been a few months since I have blogged, so get ready because that means I have a few months of sarcasm and wit to get out in this post. 369 more words



I love traditional weddings because it’s an Avenue to showcase your traditional attire and belief. It exhibits the Africanness in you. Although, presently most girls overlook it tagging it as a Boring and Outdated occasion . 148 more words


Come what is it with Nigerian caterers and “meat has finished”.

Again I ask, what is it with Nigerian caterers and “meat has finished”.

For the traditional wedding, we had 400 guests and we budgeted for 550 guests because we wanted all the guests to eat and be full. 314 more words

When the budget makes you loose your appetite 

I’m stuck in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam because my flight to London from Lagos has been cancelled. So instead of me looking insane by scratching away at my mosquito bites ( they dealt with me badddddd) I can put my time to better use and update the blog Yay!! 417 more words

Art Deco Style Bridal Jewellery

This art deco style bridal jewelry pearl crystal necklace combines vintage and whimsical details in a way that’s perfectly polished and refined
A striking piece that adds drama to traditional and non-traditional bridal looks..

Romantic Jewelry Design