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Top 10 Most Expensive Bride Price in Nigeria

How expensive is marriage in Nigeria? The cost of weddings in Nigeria range from the dowry requested for by bride’s family and community, to the traditional items requested to be presented before the wedding ceremonies can take place. 1,110 more words


Ten things on getting married

  1. This one puzzles me. Am I being inauthentic by getting married? Arguments that plead against me: I abhor the concept of monogamy, it doesn’t make any sense to me, I find it petty, childish, possessive and a cause of lots of unnecessary tension and trouble, I was passionately raised in the spirit of hippie free love by parents, who ironically, never slept with other people and preached hippieness without being hippies, I know, incongruence seems to have been an ingredient in my life all along.
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SA Fashion Designer Tuelo Nguyuza Unveils A Beautiful Bridal Collection For The African Queen

Who says a designer’s bridal collection should always include a mix of the conventional wedding gowns? South African designer Tuelo Nguyuza is showing off his roots with his recent work. 62 more words

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How to design your traditional wedding dress more beautiful?

When design a new wedding dress, it requires some steps to make the dress into perfection. The first step is to make a sketch to show the structures of wedding dress designs including the silhouette, frills as does floral applique, accents and still many more to achieve perfection like its original condition and complicated of each. 322 more words


What a LOVEly day for a traditional English wedding!

Well I can’t believe it was a week today that my friends became man and wife. Life has pretty much gone back to normal, I’m back in Wales and back at work and thinking about the day a week ago has prompted me to write a short account of it for posterity. 1,404 more words



“Our love is forever, cos Christ is our pillar.” –Tomiisin & Simeon.

Meet the soon-to-be couple:
My good friend Oluwatomiisin, and her fiancé Simeon will be tying the knot in a few days.

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