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A Simple Devotional Ritual for Connecting with Hecate

This simple ritual serves to open a connection between you and Hecate. Simple rituals such as this performed consistently (preferably at least daily or nightly) build up better results than the occasional elaborate ritual performed sporadically. 1,469 more words


Tea Leaf scrying

“Tasse” or “tass” is an Arab word meaning small cup or goblet, while the suffixes are from the Greek words –graphy (writing), -mancy (divination) and -ology (the study of). 498 more words


General magick practitioner names, and titles

General names:

  • Witch – Meaning a practitioner of witchcraft.
  • Wicca – Meaning old English word for male practitioner of witchcraft.
  • Wicce – Meaning old English word for female practitioner of witchcraft .
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The Prayer of the Crossed Trident

Adapted from a Traditional Witchcraft charm for the Primal Witchcraft of Hecate, refined and empowered under gnosis. Empowers any devotional rite when performed after the Candle Prayer of Hecate, and increases the knowledge, cunning, and vital force of the witch who crosses themselves daily and nightly. 248 more words



So I find myself embracing technology and thus this blog was born. I felt it was time to finally put down my words and experiences as pertaining to the path of a practitioner of Witchcraft in the modern world. 251 more words

British Witchcraft

The Journey Begins

Greetings one and all. You are welcome to sit at my hearth a while. I hope you find something of interest!

British Witchcraft