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From Behind the Shadow Veil: The Rise of Traditionalist Witchcraft

There is a tremor rumbling through human consciousness that is only becoming more and more noticeable with each passing year. The status quo in terms of political, social and spiritual discourse is beginning to crack and ideas which have been buried for decades (sometimes even centuries) are finding their way into conversations when they wouldn’t have before. 2,691 more words

On Working with Plants

Plant magic is more than just remembering basic uses of herbs and tossing them together like the ingredients of a cake. Like all things in witchcraft, there exists animating forces and energies behind them, and developing familiarity and working partnerships with Plant Spirits is a smart thing for a witch to do. 2,958 more words

The Charmers' Psalter - 2nd Edition Gemma Gary

Now on its second printing, The Charmers’ Psalter is a beautifully bound book printed in a handy pocket sized tome. Gemma Gary has created yet another wonderful collection of charms and spells. 199 more words


Serpent Songs - Edited by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold

There are a great deal of books on the craft out there that often feel rather self-indulgent, I may have just found something that isn’t. … 229 more words


The House Magical – Part Eight 'Stepping Out'

No house stands in isolation, not really. It’s fair to say that most of our homes are situated in streets, within villages, towns or cities. I’ve spent three months settling into our new home, getting into a new routine as well as starting on home improvements, I’ve been nesting big time. 975 more words

Traditional Witchcraft

Being Gone - Spell of Bravery

It’s only been a few years or so…

How many of these posts am I going to do apologizing that I haven’t blogged in a while? 756 more words


Thoughts on 2016

A collection of bullet points, since that’s about as coherent as I can get right now. I don’t even have enough orderly thought for a video. 1,522 more words

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