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Spiritual Overhaul (Note:Also need baking advice from bakers!)

It’s Tuesday morning as I write this and I start off my mornings with the usual cup of black coffee while taking time to think and meditate on the state of things in my life. 298 more words




It is part of the very dark and dangerous Art of Black Magick… 76 more words

Magickal Arts

Turns out, I misunderstood

A month or so ago I shared this post with my Patreon supporters and wasn’t sure whether or not I’d share it more publicly here as well. 316 more words

The Eye of The Storm

There are times, I think, when ritual is both too much and not enough. Anyone who practises will probably understand what I mean. The ‘constraints’ of ritual pattern and structure are, on occasion, insufficient to meet the needs of the spirit, and instead one feels a deep and overwhelming need for something simpler…more spontaneous. 851 more words

Traditional Witchcraft

“The cure is the curse, if you’re the disease. It’s all a matter of perspective.”

– Sekhmet, patron of healers, bringer of pestilence

Egyptian Gods

House Spirits

Have you been taking care of your house spirit? They’ve certainly been taking care of you. These finicky wights, extremely loyal and generous if treated well—but terribly shy and easily heartbroken and offended according to folklore—take care of their households, promoting luck, fertility, and activity among their patrons, cleaning little messes here and there, and often serving as an intermediary between other local spirits. 644 more words



Divination is an inseparable part of my day-to-day practice. From simply interpreting omens, whether they be in nature, candle flames, and offerings such as the bubbles in water, to systems and methods both simple and complex, whether they be for everything from foreseeing possible outcomes to events and rituals, testing suitable locations for work, confirming channeled and received messages from spirits, and so on; a familiarity with the myriad forms falling under the umbrella of divination have been a lifelong companion to me, functioning similarly to an acquired language. 1,128 more words