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It lives in a thought, and breaths through an action

Defining witchcraft has been haunting me for a time. It is something that cannot be limited to simple definitions. Witchcraft is a living and breathing word that changes like the world. 569 more words


ALRIGHTY, in honor of the series of extremely negative but necessary and growing posts I have been making about emotional trauma, I have decided to make a list of all the amazing things I am thankful for in my life right now. 629 more words


The Art of Simplicity

Witches ever work to keep life simple.  We know that life itself is simple; it is “us” as people that complicate life.

The wisest of witches live uncomplicated lives.   205 more words

Imps, Familiars, and The Familiar Spirit

The topic of Familiars in modern witchcraft is a bit  misinformed as to what exactly these beings are. Some say they are simply a pet belonging to a witch; however, it is far from the case. 1,337 more words

Since then

I had taken what could be accurately described as a “magickal break”. Which is probably not the best thing to do, but I just don’t necessarily have it in me to do daily magickal workings (except a few, which worked nicely). 84 more words

The Devil's Dozen: 13 Craft Rites of the Old one

‘The Devil’s Dozen’ is a modern ‘gramarye’, or ‘black book’ of thirteen Craft rites of the Old One has been created and is offered by a present day initiate of the ‘Old Craft’

340 more words