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Sabbat of Yule

It was difficult for me to write about the Yule Sabbat for two reasons:  The first of the reasons that makes this one difficult to write about is because there is so much out there already on the magic and lore of this time of year that I didn’t want to be repetitive and the second reason is because there is not much growing outside in nature – making it less inspiring for me to write about.  803 more words

Cecil Williamson's Book of Witchcraft A Grimoire of The Museum of Witchcraft by Steve Patterson

A somewhat forgotten figure of Witchcraft, Cecil Williamson was somewhat overshadowed by the creator of Wicca; Gerald Gardner. Steve Patterson has managed to piece together some of Cecil’s life with as much information that was available to him and as a result we have this absolute gem. 157 more words

British Witchcraft

13 Moons: Journal of a Natural Witch by Fiona Walker-Craven

As a lone practitioner of magic or a scholar of the subject in traditional witchcraft you will find this book a useful tool. Within these pages Fiona Walker-Craven has captured a full year in order to help those understand the seasons and what they mean to a witch. 122 more words

British Witchcraft

In The Dying Of The Light

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated with the supernatural. Always against the natural order of things and never one to bow down to authority at a moment’s notice. 530 more words


Thee Devil’s Handshake: A Wytche’s Grammer of Antifascism

Wrote with approval of the Crossroads Man and under this tutelage
Dreamed under the Lunar Mansion Al Butn Al Hut
Penned under the Lunar Mansion… 4,004 more words


The House Magical – Part Six ‘Apotropaic Magic’

“For a man’s house is his castle, and each man’s home is his safest refuge”
Sir Edward Coke 1628

For some the home is a place of luxurious comfort, like ye olde Norman Kings, one’s castle is little more than a status symbol, a demonstration of power, wealth and accomplishment.  2,324 more words

Traditional Witchcraft

The Witch Father, the Man in Black, AKA Samael's Evil Lawyer Mode

Samael is the scumbag prosecuting lawyer that finds all your faults and rigs the system to accuse you of all your flaws, make you drown in his accusations, and then finally claw your way back up to the righteous side of God.   457 more words