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State of the Beth

I tried to make a video the day before yesterday on this very topic, but was still a bit shaky on the details. Maybe as a result of that, and maybe because I fell prey to my usual tendency to explain too much, Jo vetoed the video. 1,389 more words


Stepping into darkness...

The path before you is dark. It’s strange and yet oddly inviting. The temptation is too great. Do not resist, surrender.

You begin your descent into the abyss. 496 more words


Spell Saturday #7 - Theatre Charm for Performers, Crew and FoH

Theatre Charm/Knot spell

You will need:

– the thinnest fishing line, preferably the stuff they’re actually using in the show


– bee charm – ant charm – gold, silver, purple and yellow beads -spiral/labyrinth charm -transparent or pale purple or yellow flowers… 116 more words

wibbly wobbly godly wodly

People who have met Kylo Ren (or at least my Kylo Ren) – even some who don’t like him – tell me that he feels much older than his pop culture self. 206 more words

Spirit Spouse

Spell Saturday #6 Money Money Money Spell

New Job Spell ( sort of)

For when things are pretty desperate in the money situation.

You will need:

– paper

– pen

If you have access to particular colours, you will need gold and silver pens and the paper should be the colour of your country’s money. 207 more words

What are some good resources for traditional witchcraft?

One of my readers asked, “What are some good resources for traditional witchcraft?”

A number of books serve as good resources for one to learn about Traditional Witchcraft. 201 more words

Moonwater Silverclaw

Spell Saturday #5 - Gainful Employment

Gainful Employment Spell

You’ll need:

-a piece of paper

– a pen

– scissors

– to have got through to interview stage of the job application process for a job you really want… 90 more words