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WICKED art thou


POWERFULLY I have more than a sneaky suspicion that my wishes will come true

I go through my life perhaps a little cautious of those weary strangers that decide out of nowhere that they want to strike up a conversation with me… 533 more words


Ancestor altar

Anpu and my ancestors got offerings of whisky, shisha, incense, and rose oil, with love, as I petitioned for my health, strength, and energy. Nature was kind enough to gift me yesterday with a gardenia blossom for love and purity, and crepe myrtle bark for strength, change, and union. 12 more words


Traditional Witchcraft

I have the privilege of training in two lovely traditions of witchcraft. That, along with my interests in hoodoo ways of working and my native American ancestry, flavors and empowers my personal, eclectic path. 298 more words


The Verdant Witch

One of my earliest memories is playing out in the street, barely 6 years old, asking Mum for a jar of water.  I would take the jar and spend ages gathering leaves and petals from up and down the street, adding them to the jar and stirring them to make “potions” which I would pour over the steps leading to our front door or anoint myself with as if it were some expensive perfume.  1,890 more words

Traditional Witchcraft

Traditionally Speaking

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”   Gustav Mahler

I am a Traditional Witch
I am a member of a Witchcraft… 2,627 more words

Traditional Witchcraft

The Power Of The Witch (1971)

Welcome to the 1970’s.

Interest in the occult was rife and the rise of Wicca brought many people to the craft. Although I am not personally someone who follows Wicca, I found this documentary of interest for historical reasons. 71 more words