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The Importance of Seals

Today I want to talk about a magical tool that I rarely see get mentioned. The wax seal stamp, or signet. Now, I know this may come across as throwback, or trying to be super nostalgic for the middle ages, or even a bit Harry Potter, but bear with me. 511 more words

Defining Witchcraft

Witchcaft. It’s an evocative word no matter who hears it. To some, it conjures up lurid images of hedonistic devil worship. To others, it conjures up the wrinkled old woman smiling and offering tea and guidance to the lost, whispering words over wounds and solace. 371 more words

The History & Creation of Witch Bottles

Witchcraft and the history thereof echoes the needs of humanity, and for humans and most other species the most primal instinct we have is that of survival. 483 more words

Preserving the Past

Anyone who follows me on social media will know that my life over this last month or so has pretty much been consumed by harvesting home grown produce, foraging the wild bounty and preserving the lands abundance.   560 more words

Traditional Witchcraft

Magical recipes

These recipes can help boost your magical energy for spell work, i found these recipes in a few of my favorite witchcraft books.

Magic power oil ~judika Ills… 265 more words

Making traditional witchcraft oil

Witch oil

Traditional witchcraft is an interesting subject to study because it gives everyone a deeper look into our contemporary craft.
This oil is for use within rites and workings as an anointing oil for the body and tools of the craft. 138 more words

How to make magical elixirs and potion making

Many have heard of potions but aren’t sure about the making of a potion and what it Intel’s. a potion may represent an abstract quality, or inspire the mind to some significant awareness, or sooth the body to a state of well being, according to their concoction. 2,276 more words