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Naming the Unnamable

So, you’ve probably noticed the general lack of content posts around here after this one went live.  I do intend to keep posting more than just shop promotion here, when I have time, but in the wake of what were some pretty big changes in my path, I’ve needed some time to sort out what direction I’m headed in now, where the boundary markers lie and what my destination is. 1,070 more words


Three of Wands

What follows is my interpretation of this card as it pertains to me. I pulled this card twice for myself on 07/05/2016. The first time I got it, I put it back in the deck, reshuffled, and hoped to get another card. 1,029 more words

Chaos Magick

My Patrón Is Tequila

In modern-day eclectic Wicca, we come across the terms patron deity and matron deity quite a bit. This is similar to the Catholic concept of the patron saint, spirits who are the protecting or guiding saint of a person or a place, and frequently of a group of people, or a function. 1,280 more words


Of being wild...

There’s a lady in my town who I’ve always been envious of. She seems to have the perfect life, beautiful home, and just is plain out fancy. 361 more words


Summer Solstice Sabbat

The Summer Solstice (Midsummer) Sabbat represents a time when the masculine forces of nature is at the strongest and most triumphant of the year – just as the hot Summer sun – since it is the longest day of the year.  458 more words

The Crooked Path 

Four stunning grimoires:

At the top left is the AZOËTIA, Twin Lions – Numbered 13 of only 22.

At the top right is THE DRAGON BOOK OF ESSEX -Numbered 802 of 808. 26 more words

A Peek at the Plants

Well, the weather hasn’t been as allowing as it was last year in regards to letting my baneful plant allies flourish. I’ve limited what I’m growing quite a bit compared to last year’s impractically excessive gardens lol. 221 more words