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'Yellow, Chocolate and Black'

Oil on canvas 14 x 24 in

Painting available to purchase :: derek@shapirofineart.com



Old-Fashioned Rock Cakes

These are a British Classic which get their name from their rock like appearance. I was first introduced to these during my very first cooking lessons at school and I have been making them ever since. 184 more words


Heritage Foundation: Family Dinner Benefits Include Prevention of Substance Abuse

Dinner Topics for Monday, National Family Day

Dear Epicworld readers,

I’ve been telling my readers  this for more than 10 years! And now family dinners are more important than ever.~C.D.

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Judeo-Christian Culture

The start to my tattoo collection.

Being a tattoo lover, and one to hopefully be heavily tattooed one day, I felt like writing a little post about my tattoos, the reasoning behind them and how I look after them. 692 more words

Hayashi Fumiko Memorial Hall

Hayashi Fumiko was a famous author who lived in Tokyo in the mid-20th century. Her and her husband Ryokubin, a painter, built this beautiful house in the Ochiai area in northwest Shinjuku surrounded by a small but lovely traditional Japanese garden. 70 more words


Georgia Row

Monday already? So what better way to start the week than with this breezy Old Timey/Ragtimey tune – originally from renowned Virginia fiddler ‘Uncle’ Charlie Osborne (1890-1992), who played left-handed on a conventional right-handed fiddle, and was famous for his fiddling from the age of 15 until his death at the age of 101. 203 more words