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Happy Birthday in Danish

First posted in March, 2016.

In one of my cleaning frenzies, I came to delete this post, which was made for a dear friend. I know that it is not  the same as the first time, and it won’t be in the same order as back then, but living is learning, so I am posting it once more, with my greatest apologies. 284 more words


New Trekkers, New Trails, New Adventures

The other night I looked down at my shoes … I love my shoes, Asolo Trekkers … they looked a bit sad. They’ve been down rivers, across mountains, through desert sand and on many streets U.S.A. 492 more words

Things, That I Forgot to Remember

Sometimes, my memory plays tricks on me.

Sometimes, I forget what I should remember, but then I remember, but not as long as it will take me to forget. 484 more words


The Ghosts that Haunt Me

I would like to believe in ghosts. Really!

OK. I wouldn’t want to lie to you, but sometimes I feel that there are supernatural forces at work here in Northern Denmark. 417 more words


For Amber Waves of Grain

Funny how music affects us.

I was watching the Inauguration yesterday, as was most of the rest of the world, I’d imagine, but was struck, not by the rhetoric, nor the many comments (in Danish) from the commentators, by the music playing in the background. 366 more words


New Year's Resolution

With the beginning of 2017, of course I also thought about New Year’s resolutions as so many others do, and getting fit is always pretty high on any list of resolutions. 361 more words

Not Wanting, Admitting To

OK. Here is my list of resolutions for 2017. What? Late, some might say, but then they have said things like that before, but in being late, then I’ve had the chance to reflect a bit more, before revealing my final list, which is my only list, and which I’ll now make up as I go! 285 more words