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Today's Tribute is to Newton's 1st Law of Motion

Christmas holiday company left 45 minutes ago … though they’re out the door the ions, electrons, neutrons, atoms, & quarks are still spinning all around and bombarding me. 352 more words


Kep 2017 Sea Festival

Kep City – Kep Province will be the “center” of Cambodia this Christmas. The already annual Sea Festival has its place in the smallest but interesting province of the Southeast of Cambodia. 265 more words


4,530 Miles & Popcorn Crack

I’m eating oven-baked caramel popcorn (aka popcorn crack). A nibble becomes a taste, becomes a handful, becomes three handfuls, then what the heck! I’ll just eat the whole dang bag full. 385 more words


A Kyrgyz Wedding

We got to the place at a reasonable time, which is to say, over two hours late. The wedding celebration was being held at a restaurant that caters specifically to such events. 1,168 more words


The Easiest Latkes You've Ever Had! A Tradition in the making...

Everyone knows Hanukkah means Potato Latkes fried in oil. Horror stories about bleeding knuckles scraped up from grating potatoes are aplenty. Except in my childhood house. 233 more words


Livin' in the Boonies ... Crackin' Ice

Holiday preparations … started. We headed for the hills on our annual Christmas tree hunt. What is so cool about that? First, the permit cost only $10 and, well, we had ours already staked out.  232 more words