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The Measure of One Year

Denmark, October 2016

I know, I know. Denmark again!

Well this time this blog is about Birthdays. Birthdays in Denmark, that is.

It all starts with the weather. 465 more words


My Brother In-Law's Brother In-Law

Not long after I moved to Denmark, aka Paradise on Earth according to my Sister In-Law, I was invited to a Birthday Party.

My wife said that we couldn’t make it, but we would be sending him some money as a present. 805 more words


Feeling Rather Untowards

I’ve been out traveling to the USA, but now I wouldn’t say that I was home, not yet anyway.

Part of me is throwing the ball for my dog, and part of me is traveling in Yosemite National Park, while the rest of me is writing this blog right now. 445 more words


Pick, Pit, Slice, & Juice ... It's Harvest Time!!

It’s Harvest Time! Pick, pit, slice, juice,  freeze a little here, bottle a little there, dehydrate a bit over there. My backyard garden has reached the tipping point … we can’t eat the fresh goodies fast enough, and the neighbors are starting to hide when they see me coming.   560 more words


Lessons from Dad

I hope you had a pleasant Labor Day holiday weekend, and that you were able to do something fun with family or friends. I spent the weekend with my dad. 612 more words


Chinese Wedding

So since I’ve started to feel a little inspired to write again, I thought I would write about the most exciting event that has happened since we moved back to China – our wedding. 178 more words


Wonderful, wonderful, critical people

I have found lately that the more people seem to be coming out of the woodwork to criticize what others think or write. If you make a comment that is against some “minority group’s” comment you are labeled a hater of that group. 227 more words