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At West Point, Annual Pillow Fight Becomes Weaponized

For generations, freshmen cadets at the United States Military Academy have marked the end of a grueling summer of training with a huge nighttime pillow fight that is billed as a harmless way to blow off steam and build class spirit. 925 more words

Daily News

Community support, tradition, 'got your back'.

My friend Kimberly and I met up this morning and made our way to the big 2nd Baptist Church on Woodway and Voss Dr in Houston, TX. 386 more words


Twenty Questions (2015 Version)

Inspired by my late friend, Tracy Chappell, I ask the boys the same twenty questions each year around their birthdays. It’s a fun tradition (they now ask, “when do we answer those questions?” and insist I included pauses and “ums”!) and I love comparing how their responses change (or don’t!) year over year. 547 more words

The Beautiful Boys

Ceramic, a long-lasting connection with my childhood

Whenever I see a piece of ceramic I remember my earlier years in the village I grew up.

As children we were surrounded by mugs, plates, different recipients for cooking, jars, bowls, recipients for wine and even recipients for pickles, all made out of ceramic. 278 more words



What a wonderful way to be introduced to the Disney family. I did not feel like a regular employee, and it was great. The Disney University building is amazing. 463 more words

Sydney Does Disney

Is "inside the box" the new "outside the box?"

People use the phrase “outside the box” so often, that it has become a cliche and is deviating from its initial intent. Outside the box originally meant to think or do something creatively and differently as opposed to the traditional way. 228 more words

Unicorn Ph.D.'s

I’ve been thinking about initiation lately.  Partly it’s because in a month or so I’ll become a Royal Arch Mason.  It’s also partly because Feri initiation probably isn’t that far away.   662 more words