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Phone courtesy

Phone courtesy. I think people should be glad I do not host all family dinners all over the world because if I did many of you would die either from what I am about to say, or from starving and not being allowed to eat.   519 more words

Then she was six...

My sweet big girl turned six today.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Don’t grow up too fast little one!


Not only is our tradition of releasing ladybugs on the farm each summer so much fun, it is so beneficial for the orchard and the vegetable gardens. 34 more words

Current Reflections

Life, routine

We come here every summer and do exactly the same thing …. and it still feels great every time.


Astro : Happy śravāņa kŕşņāşțami 

Happy janmāşțami and röhiņī nakşatram!

I just realised today that if the aşțami moon is in röhiņi in śrāvaņa māsa, two things happen.

One, the sky is washed clean by the rains and two, the moon is on the other side of the earth at night. 75 more words

Ancient Indians

...be all that He says we are!

Walk on Water!
Ours is to walk on water. To defy the odds. To break the chains of irrational conventions. To question the norms and conventions that have held sway for generations and bring them into the Lordship of Jesus Christ! 179 more words


Never Leave Home Without Your Pearls

In my day (I won’t bother you with what day that was) you were required to own a few specific items if you were to be considered a proper southern lady. 268 more words