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"Perspectives" Day # 3 Featuring Captain Shanais Strissel

What is tradition and why do some of us cling tightly to it and some of us find it suffocating?  Why is there such a struggle between being something new and holding tightly to something old?  673 more words

The Salvation Army

The home we carry with us - traditions in the kitchen

Food. It nourishes the mind, the body, the soul. It brings people together like nothing else. People linger longer in the kitchen and around the dining room table than anywhere else in the home. 1,803 more words

Life Overseas

A simple gesture - or so it seems

Sunday Mass was over and the kids took turns making “mano” to the young Adorno priest who had just celebrated Mass, Fr. Liam. The somewhat odd and seemingly insignificant gesture was over in a blink of an eye, belying its deep-rooted meaning and history. 517 more words


Eight Surprises from our Trip Around the World

For better and worse, here are some of the things that surprised me during our five-month trip through Asia and Africa.

1. The world is a really big place, like a *really* big place. 2,516 more words



5th March 2015, Thursday, is Yuan Xiao Jie , 元宵节, also known as The Lantern Festival, which marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations! This festival should not be confused with Mid-Autumn Festival popularly coined as Lantern Festival also. 327 more words


frozen blooms, thai peanut sauce and the ice storm of '94,

Some winter traditions; because the roads still look like this:

But at least we don’t live in Boston. A few states away is close enough. 709 more words


Lunch time!

Who doesn’t like to eat? Let me tell you that I love food, and one of the interesting things about teaching abroad is all the different types of food that you are introduced too. 363 more words