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I got a text from my daughter last week asking me for the recipe to my famous Apple Pie.  As I returned home I jumped on my computer and started typing away feverishly. 381 more words


You might have a sacred cow if...

  1. You go to church based on who is preaching rather than who they are preaching about.
  2. Your first thought after worship is about how loud it was instead of how great our God is.
  3. 286 more words


The first draft of this post I started on my phone while waiting at the orthodontist’s, but was unsuccessful at saving. My daughter just reported that she “lost” her entire novel that she has been working on for NaNoWriMo this morning. 308 more words

About Me

Just a word on "Where Things Come From"

I want to give fair warning to any of mes chers lecteurs who may be vegetarian or who may have delicate sensibilities…the slide show attached to this post could be considered a bit graphic. 696 more words


Our Advent, 2015

New Christmas tradition: all present buying done before December 1st so we can spend the final month of the year BEING instead of BUYING. Being organised paid off this year, setting ourselves up to spend December getting cosy and settling in and avoiding that panicky consumer-y vibe that oozes from shopping centres. 1,252 more words


What Arrived Today

The Nativity Scenes were arranged.  Jesus comes in glass, plastic and ceramic.  HE shines always.

The tree stood proud and tall, all adorned with memories. One by one each memory is categorized, oohhed and ahhed over and hung on a sturdy bough. 176 more words

A Bountiful Tradition

Wishing everyone a warm, safe, and bountiful

tradition. See you all again soon.

may peace spread throughout the world,


source: Eddie Two Hawks
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, Bald Eagle Chicks