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Our Annual Ducky Photo Tradition

We started doing these adorable ducky photos with Palmer when she was 5 or 6¬†months old. She couldn’t even sit up in the photos and hated tummy time so much that the only other option we had for posing her was plopping her down like a dead fish and sprinkling some quackers around her. 256 more words

Palmer Olivia

Nearing Nikko

After the excitement of our first ever bullet train ride we arrive in the small town of Nikko.

Nikko itself is a fairly average Japanese town, nothing too unusual (EXCEPT IT’S IN JAPAN!) 304 more words


With my mom passing, I’ve thought of so many things we did together and so many traditions we held as a family.

On Christmas Eve, we opened one gift. 188 more words


La Loba Loca - Abuelita Knowledge

La Loba Loca, is an artist, researcher, and facilitator. Her core philosophy is based on (re)claiming and (re)membering Abuelita Knowledge and learning how to use our roots as a tool for liberation and transformation. 89 more words

Pass On The Wedding Dress?

Hi everyone

As you know from my previous blog posts we are moving and today I started go through my closet…… it is not as scary as it may sound…. 303 more words


Happy Mothers Day (belated!)

Happy Mothers Day! For yesterday.

I hope everyone had a lovely day. My day was actually no different to most, seeing as the hubby and Miss Q went off rotavating the allotment, leaving me to keep an eye on the dinner (after they prepped it and got it on!). 181 more words

Going on A Date with a Black Guy

My parents are traditional, I am liberal but agreeable, and he’s black. So what now, diverse world of WordPress?

Growing up in an Asian household, there are many unspoken ideologies that are drilled into your brain from day one. 419 more words