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Traffic Management to become a Multi-Billion-Dollar Opportunity: says TechSci Research

Where there is problem, there is an opportunity. With technological advancements comes new problems and new opportunities. With ever increasing traffic on Roadways, Railways, Airways and Waterways demand for real-time traffic monitoring systems is on rise.

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On weather and traffic

With the onset of the wet season, heavy rains have reminded us how terrible commuting can be especially in Metro Manila where public transport services are much wanting in terms of quality. 276 more words

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Thank you FHP TAMPA!

This Is A Sincere Thank You to the Florida Highway Patrol Of Tampa Bay

Typically….when heading north bound on I-275 from St. Petersburg FL the traffic going into the Tampa Airport at any given time on any given day can be backed up due to drivers cutting in at the last second at the exit to TPA where there is also an exit for Kennedy Blvd. 189 more words

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On cable cars as a solution to Metro Manila transportation problems

I was asked about my take on the pronouncement about cable cars being a potential solution to Metro Manila’s traffic woes. I say pronouncement because careful qualification of the news articles on this clearly show that this is not yet a proposal. 567 more words

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Toronto police deployed at congested intersections to help ease traffic flow

A pilot project to place police officers at eight congested intersections in Toronto to ease traffic flow is now in full effect for the next four weeks. 241 more words