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Boulder NIMBYs make quality of life in Boulder worse

By Dom Nozzi

June 22, 2015

When it comes to development, Boulder is most well-known for its well-deserved reputation for an extreme, hostile, antagonistic attitude that a large number of Boulder citizens express toward development. 562 more words


Woodlands Lane M3 Bridge scheduled for a blown down

I’m an inherently curious chap. So a further visit to the Woodlands Lane M3 Bridge on the day of it’s closure was an obvious choice. I’ve some photos taken from the bridge, which will cease to be over the weekend of 24th to 27th June. 134 more words


Starting May 23: Yesler Bridge project to change bus routes up to two years

The City of Seattle’s Yesler Bridge project in downtown starts May 23, and Metro will be revising how routes 27, 33, 304, 355 and RapidRide D Line… 543 more words


About Traffic Congestion and Bicyclists at Intersections

By Dom Nozzi

October 15, 2014


I serve as a member of Boulder, Colorado’s Transportation Advisory Board (TAB). In the fall of 2014, I suggested that TAB take a position opposing the City transportation objective that seeks to limit increases in traffic congestion (an objective that I think is undesirable for several reasons – see below). 674 more words


First Big Adventure Since I Was Born - Tasmania (Days 0 + 1)

My parents, being who they were, came up with this crazy idea to do some kind of initiation ritual for me into the family before Mama’s maternity leave was over. 696 more words


Woodlands Lane bridge in Windlesham closed from 23rd May 2016 till July 2017

We’ve all known about the impending closure of the bridge over the M3 in Woodlands Lane in Windlesham. Well, it’s now happening this month, from Monday 23rd May, lasting till July 2017. 135 more words


Post 071b

Living in the city is synonymous with living with traffic congestion every day. Commuters taking the bus to work in Metro Manila know this view like the back of their hands.

Photo by Wata Dugayo