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Should Arizona build a new Freeway to Ease Congestion?

By Dom Nozzi

March 17, 2017

Regarding the proposed $2 billion to TEMPORARILY save seconds or minutes by building the “Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway” in southern Phoenix AZ… 160 more words


Construction Commences On New Highway 4 Project

BRENTWOOD (KPIX 5) — A new project to ease traffic on busy Highway 4 in the East Bay broke ground Tuesday, marking the start of work that could spell relief for many commuters. 322 more words



When I lived in Boston, traffic was basic. It was as much “life” as getting up to go to work. I had audiobooks in the car to keep my brain engaged. 856 more words


NAIA Expressway - T3 to T2/T1

Last Friday was our first time to use the NAIA Expressway. This was one of the major projects under the last administration and under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program and became operational last year after being delayed (It was not operational during the APEC summit in 2015.) for some time. 371 more words

Transport Planning

Traffic management in Tagaytay?

My recent trip to Tagaytay made me recall why I no longer like the city as much as before when we were frequent visitors for rest and recreation. 530 more words

Traffic Management

USC Study Reveals Where Los Angeles' Traffic Is Worst — And When

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Los Angeles is known for its traffic. Now for the first time, commuters can find out where it’s the worst and when. 339 more words


Editorial: Legislature should not add to traffic congestion

There’s no doubt left-lane hogs can make driving more of a frustration than it needs to be. That said, making it illegal goes too far.Senate Bill 532 would make it illegal to drive (except to pass) in the far left lane on a freeway or other highway with two or more lanes in a single direction. 29 more words

Oregon Legislature