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The Jam

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“So what’s the fuss about?” Joy asks, looking over my shoulder. All the honking and screeching and graphic language has gotten his attention, and he has abandoned his roost with a perfect view of the television set and is now finishing his breakfast by the window, spreading bread crumbs along the sill. 551 more words


Our Republican Response to the Republican Response to the Republican Response

What turned out to be an Iliad-and-Odyssey-like quest to purchase a two-dollar replacement nose pad for an aging pair of spectacles put us in the dreaded rush hour traffic of the unlovely and all-too-busy near-west side on Wednesday evening, so to suit our mood we tuned the comfortingly old-fashioned AM radio in our aging automobile onto one of the angrier talk radio talkers. 1,050 more words


First thoughts on the Mother City

  1. The mountain. On a beautiful or cloudy day, the mountain is majestic and I love how imposing it is!
  2. The water. Very beautiful but often just as cold.
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Karma takes its form in Traffic Jams

I am a true believer of karma. Not for any real religious reason but more so for myself. I just need to believe that good things happen to good people and that bad things happen to bad people (eventually), you know for my sanity’s sake. 921 more words


Holy Smokey ... the show continues

The fire between Gansbaai and Stanford is fully out of control.

Disaster tourism caused several traffic jams and in the village people are collecting food and drinks for the fire fighter of whom many have been in action for more than 24 hrs without a decent break.


Stop and Go: The Tune That Is Stuck In My Head

December, a month filled with holiday cheer, festive celebrations, and traffic nightmares.  Fewer daylight hours, more delivery trucks on the road, and lower gas prices all add to the well-known Los Angeles area freeway congestion.   285 more words

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