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Maybe zoning is not (yet) the culprit, after all

I wrote this piece for Rappler the other day, where I argue that real root cause of traffic jams in Jakarta is not inefficient commuting, but rather zoning and housing regulations that make commuting itself necessary. 446 more words


Искаженное восприятие реальности в современном обществе

На асфальте лужи. Некоторые люди все еще спешат домой с раскрытыми зонтами, хоть в них уже нет надобности. Девушка слушает музыку, стремясь вперед под аккомпанемент красного сигнала светофора, и, похоже, не слышит, что дождь прекратился.

Modern Society

Tuesday Afternoon

It is not often that I make two posts in one day…

But, today is Tuesday, and I was in a traffic jam. I usually have my Nikon Coolpix with me, so I popped out of the car, and took this ‘grab shot’ 65 more words


Bangkok, Thailand

This is definitely the most unique place I’ve been so far, for it is the first non-European place I have got the chance to see. The first thing that comes into my head is that Bangkok is a city of contrasts. 138 more words

Interesting Food

Band 9 Essays: Opinion - Road Safety

TOPIC – Some people think that improving road safety will only be possible by increasing the legal age limit for new drivers. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? 714 more words

Band 9

The Art of Commuting

Here’s what I’ve learned about commuting. It sucks. I ask you, how do people do this every day?

Lately I’ve been commuting into San Francisco once a week, which normally takes around 45 minutes. 587 more words


Comfort for those who labor


Wednesday’s Advent Gospel (Mt 11: 28-30) is so beautiful and comforting. No wonder it is specially beloved and quoted by so many of His people. “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. 457 more words