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I’ve always hated soundchecking after the audience has arrived. My first Real Band, The Accelerators, was always late for the soundcheck.  Not my decision…as I was probably the one who’d hustled for the gig and vainly promised the promoter we’d be there at five for a show at nine. 320 more words

Kathy Freeman

Traffic Jams | June

The average commuter spends 38 hours every year stuck in traffic. That’s about three months of your entire life & that’s ridiculous.
The number one way to make it all better? 25 more words


bike puncture

london 12.23pm tuesday 2015

yesterday, simon came back from work and said he had a puncture in his bike tyre and had to walk with the bike all the way home. 329 more words

Certainties of Life - Death, Taxes and Traffic Jams

Apart from death and taxes, the one thing that is certain in life is ‘traffic jams’. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been late to my meetings and appointments mainly due to traffic jams. 867 more words


States take aim at slow drivers in the left lane

Move over or pay up. That’s the message from police to slowpokes.

Multiple states are taking aim at drivers clogging up the left lane on highways by passing laws that could lead to fines up to $500 for drivers who refuse to move over when traffic backs up behind them. 194 more words



Congress they’re causing global warming All that hot air The GOP has the right idea The government  is too big Let’s downsize Congress We need to cut spending Let’s cut congressional salaries take away or greatly reduce their perks All of them have someone somewhere in their family history who immigrated to this country They are against immigration So fine  All those who have ancestry that immigrated to this country Get rid of them Let the American Indians serve They were doing a nice job running this country before we ever got here Tall lush grasses everywhere Fresh clean water in rushing live teaming rivers  lots of Bison no income taxes no traffic jams no pollution thick forests No obscene ugly telephone poles or road signs Yeah lets put the Indians in congress


The Sheer Amount of Bullshit on Israeli Radio is Astounding

I now work once a week in Petach Tikva, aside from my day job from my office a block away from my house. I haven’t commuted in almost 3 years, and thank God for that. 745 more words

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