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A Good Old-Fashioned 'Sheep Jam' [Don't Worry. It's Not A Recipe. For Anything Edible That Is...]


Raise your hand high if you love ’em.

That’s what I thought…

Such was our lot yesterday afternoon. Just couldn’t put them off any longer. 144 more words


L.A.'s Government Considers Bad Traffic A Feature

In fact, they actively try and create traffic jams.

And yet I bet the majority of the population will continue to vote those leaders into office.


100 Word Challenge: Relax

Earlier in the week I had to go into the Big City. It takes a little over an hour to drive to where I needed to be, but it’s an easy trip. 468 more words

Writing Prompt

Congestion at Conway Road end of Champenys Retail Park.

Works are currently underway near traffic lights on the corner of Conway Road and Charlotte Road and are responsible for the closure of that particular exit from Champenys Retail Park. 118 more words

March 1st

The snow is still with us, infact it is worse now than it was yesterday. I dug the car out yesterday. My wife had a doctor’s appointment and it was essential that I took her in the car. 367 more words


Buffalo arse on the road to enlightenment.

Buffalo arse formed the most vivid memory of the traffic jam. It was this that was responsible for much of the predicament, along with the dozens of dark, dusty grey creatures they were attached to of course, ambling at a stately plod over the dusty, potholed tarmac on the outskirts of Larkana, Pakistan. 832 more words

South/East Asia

Look Out for the Yield Sign

One of my favorite road trip games is the alphabet game where you look for each letter of the alphabet starting at A all the way to Z. 315 more words