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There is probably a Latin name for it, kerasophobia, perhaps. The constant honking of car horns here in Delhi drives me crazy. Some drivers blast their horns to signal their approach, so that everything in their path will move aside to let them pass, like Moses parting the Red Sea. 677 more words


Traffic Jam Yogi

​Nothing can make a human more helpless than traffic jam…there is absolutely nothing one can do with this phenomenon and you have only one choice to avoid it, that is stay at home and don’t step out side! 355 more words

Forced to slow down... making art in traffic jams.

How do you react when circumstances force you to slow down from the ridiculous expected modern pace of living.  When non-stop multi-tasking and high-speed driving lead you to a place where you are forced into a corner in the traffic that you can not escape from.   800 more words


To produce real, nutritious milk two healthy mama cows–contented belle and boss– need a little over an acre on which to graze. They need a clean barn to come home to, to be milked and fed supplements during the process. 465 more words

Dragon's revenge

This was inspired by a prompt asking how the main characters in a novel first meet. Rather than respond with the facts from my current novel in progress it seemed logical to introduce a dragon.  312 more words

Short Stories

Traffic Jams

Traffic in Delhi has been grim over the past few days. This has been blamed on a sprinkling of rain, a national holiday, some roadworks and a few foreign VIPs getting priority on the highway. 188 more words


Traffic Jams (macet)

By late afternoon, Jogja’s main streets get pretty full (not as bad as Jakarta, but getting there). The first thing Indonesians will say about ‘macet’ is to avoid the town centre on the ‘wiken.’ If you choose to get on the road during this time, ‘enjoy aja..’ it’s your choice to be in the traffic tho?  280 more words

Avoiding Traffic Jams?