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Romans 13:1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.

“My dear friend, In my last Letter I said that in the Bible there is more that FINDS me than I have experienced in all other books put together; that the words of the Bible find me at greater depths of my being; and that whatever finds me brings with it an irresistible evidence of its having proceeded from the Holy Spirit.” ‘Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge… 155 more words



The colour swarms her vision.

Violent, vivid hues consume all the eye can see as the words stream into her ears, words that seem to do nothing but provoke her and make her skin prickle. 439 more words

Creative Writing

Led Traffic Light Module – Perfect for Intense Lighting

A lot of us have gone through the period of employing incandescent light lamps. Many probably don’t know that even though the incandescent bulbs release massive volume of lighting, they aren’t quite convenient source of energy since they required to be substituted quite often. 361 more words


That feeling when you

Are pressured to keep going

But you’re not ready


Dailies 5/26/17: Tarot readings, a traffic light, watching one's parents sleep, & a note to Fernando Pessoa about bananas

Jose A. Alcantara – A Note to Fernando Pessoa

We must not be afraid to buy the bananas in the street,
the yellow bananas with the black splotches, 165 more words

Unreliable, shocking traffic signal at Douglas and Sailorway goes down

By Karen Cornelius

Service director Tony Valerius told city council meeting on Monday night, May 1, that the traffic light at Douglas and Sailorway will be removed at the end of the week. 299 more words

Vermilion Ohio

Flying Cars

No traffic jams. Imagine travelling in space to reach office. No traffic lights, no jams.

Yes this is possible with flying cars that have become craze. 124 more words