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If you understand the principle of the traffic light and apply it to your daily life, you will get to the very top.

Red light: “Stop” 85 more words

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The Sensors Automating Your Commute

In a bout of frustration I recently realized that the roads have all updated — most people have no idea how — and this sometimes hurts the flow of traffic. 1,480 more words


Intro to the North American Traffic Signal

Traffic lights are so ubiquitous that we hardly give them a second thought, except to curse their existence when they impede us on our daily drive. 903 more words


Traffic Light: The Good and The Bad?

Let’s discuss on something a little bit mundane today. We believe most of us had ridden or driven before on the road; so we can safely assume you must’ve had some sort of experience with that one pole on the road we call as traffic light. 765 more words


Waiting for the Green Light

How many of us remember playing the game Red Light/Green Light?

Red light/green light is my favorite childhood game I remember having so much fun playing with my sisters and friends in the neighborhood.  383 more words


to that red-light…….