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Jumping the lights ended up with the car getting stuck on a boulder

Road-works are a nuisance, especially when temporary traffic lights are brought in and are stuck on red despite there being no other traffic in sight. My mum decided to take matters into her own hands up in Aberdeenshire one day. 81 more words


Red Sprint

The view from the intersection entering the eastern end of Lorimer Street, crossing in typical light morning traffic. Receiving an amber light meters after crossing the stop line it is now a sprint to get to the other side. 157 more words


A champion pint from Nottinghamshire

Fancy A Pint? The retirement project to sample a pint of beer or cider brewed or fermented in each county in the United Kingdom.

County: 194 more words

Fancy A Pint?

Against Progress

Signs try to be succinct and obvious in their meaning, with the above having few possible interpretations. This crossing is becoming comedic with its absence of compliance by users and the video captures a common occurrence. 180 more words