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From "The Skull-Lights" by Stills Klugh

I see them there, every time I pull up: the three stacked traffic lights at the intersection of Van Buren Avenue and Lewis Street. People drive by them every day, twice a day or more, without noticing. 119 more words


Smashing The Tomato

Whenever I have my mother in my truck with me I will inevitably go through an intersection on a yellow light. She calls this “squeezing the lemon.” I’m sure this is a common term but I don hear anyone else throwing it around either. 222 more words

Common Sense

Colorful light/färgade ljus

Here’s some pastel paintings which in I have used one color scale at the time.

Bluelight I began with, then moved on to red light, yellow light and finally green light. 57 more words

Pastel Paintings


SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – They already have their own green-painted lanes in the streets of San Francisco.  Now they also want immunity from traffic enforcement. 227 more words

Law Enforcement

You know I always complain bitterly in London

You know I always complain bitterly in London, f–king traffic lights every 50 yards; f–king stupid; but in Brussels you see the reality of what a lack of traffic lights is like, and it is a mind-blowing sight. 25 more words

Nighttime Photography: Racing the Light in the San Francisco Streets

Every so often, I’ll find a photo I took from another time that speaks perfectly to a current state of things. This is a first post in a while for me. 166 more words