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Slow and Easy

While Saturday’s easy run had gone fairly well I was still nervous about my long run.  How were my legs going to handle it?   I knew the planned progression wasn’t going to happen but I was hoping to run long-ish and easy. 558 more words


Ask Questions

“Why do red lights have those big shields around them?” asked my nine-year-old Grand. I looked up at the red traffic light in front of my van. 541 more words


Red Is... Hell If I Know

I don’t understand you, red. I really don’t. You’re on biscuit wrappers, photographs, carpets, phones, signs… everywhere. But still, I don’t get you. In fact, I think the more I see of you, the less I understand you, or what the hell you are trying to do. 145 more words


"Fresh air and exercise: The Green Chain Walk" in London, UK

London, UK, images, walking, jogging, walking the dog, fresh air, exercise, green spaces, parks, walks, leisure, recreation, “The Green Chain Walk”, ” Use pedestrian crossing”, continuation of the Green Chain Walk, Lordship Lane, street, traffic lights, enforcement cameras 7 more words


Led Traffic Light – A Smart Choice

Every year more than four million traffic lights use an estimated three billion Kilowatt-hours of electrical energy. Switching to power-efficient LED lamps cuts municipal budget & lowers power consume nationwide. 382 more words

Traffic Lights

Map: Detroit Stoplights 2015

The new open data portal for Detroit didn’t have as many exciting datasets as I had hoped, but this was one that peaked my interest. Driving all around Detroit on a regular basis you will often run into signs stating that certain traffic signals are under study for removal. 96 more words


"Join the gym for £ 19.99" next to Waterloo Station in London, UK

London, UK, images, Waterloo Station, advertising, billboards, February 2015, “Join the gym for £ 19.99″, “Where you are – London Lambeth”, signpost, left: “Vauxhall, Westminster, Victoria”, right: “Elephant & Castle, Kennington”, 6 degrees Celsius, traffic lights, “Push button and wait for signal opposite” 13 more words