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Active travel as a checkbox

Infrastructure where pedestrian and cycling movements have been designed into the system are easy to forget, as they just naturally fit into the journey and require no thought to use so attract no attention. 636 more words




Some friends had arrived from the midlands last night to wish me well, they were staying in a local campsite. I’d offered to take them out for breakfast at a local café. 177 more words

Random Thoughts

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights in the pavement because people won’t stop staring at their smartphones

A Dutch town has introduced an unusual way of trying to keep smartphone-addicted residents safe: Installing traffic lights in the pavement. 226 more words


Some People Just Don't Know What To Do With Flashing Yellow/Red Lights

Some people just don’t know what to do with flashing yellow/red traffic lights. I wait for the bus on a fairly busy street outside a newer housing development. 150 more words

Subduing Pedestrians

Traffic lights are used to increase throughput at junctions and/or prioritise particular traffic flows, such priority for vehicles over pedestrians was previously presented but there are subtle ways which the design of crossing lights can have enormous impacts on users. 465 more words


Stranded Storage

Bicycle infrastructure follows a typical pattern in Melbourne, its dropped in place without considering its utility in a vain attempt to spend budgets and be seen to be doing something. 463 more words