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When The Power Goes Out

We live seven miles from town, out in the country with the trees, wildlife and other rural highlights.  A major connector road runs beside us, busy with traffic traveling at high speeds.   393 more words


Frogs and roads don't mix (Part 3)

At last – the final installment of this intriguing trilogy!  The third reason that frogs and roads don’t mix is that the noise of road traffic (cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles) can make it difficult for frogs to be heard by other frogs.  488 more words


Traffic noise could increase risk of fat around midriff, says Swedish study

A pot belly might not simply be the product of too much food and not enough exercise, according to a Swedish study that found it could be related to traffic noise. 478 more words

Sound advice from Clearview customers.

Unwanted noise in your home. We’ve all had it. Planes overhead, roadworks outside, cars and lorries whizzing past, noisy neighbours who like to invite the whole pub back for a midnight BBQ. 279 more words

Acoustic Control

"I was beginning to believe that cars had suddenly stopped using the road...then I opened the window"

“I had windows fitted and the difference they make to noise reduction is amazing, I was beginning to believe last night that cars had suddenly stopped using the road but when I opened the window to check, the cold air and noise that hit me was incredible.” What Sharon Billingham thinks of her acoustic secondary glazing! 11 more words

Noise Reduction

Recording of early spring in the forest by the motorway & Comparison of microphone setups

A nature recording from Brøndbyskoven on the first sunny spring morning, March 8th 2015. The weather forecast had predicted temperatures approaching 10C, however in the morning hours around 9, it felt windy and not very warm. 971 more words


The 1963 Wilson Committee Report on 'The Problem of Noise'.

I just love the wording used in this 1963 Wilson Committee Report. ‘Hats off’ to the UK again in their  very progressive in their approach to noise (and the problem of noise) some 52 years ago. 32 more words