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"I was beginning to believe that cars had suddenly stopped using the road...then I opened the window"

“I had windows fitted and the difference they make to noise reduction is amazing, I was beginning to believe last night that cars had suddenly stopped using the road but when I opened the window to check, the cold air and noise that hit me was incredible.” What Sharon Billingham thinks of her acoustic secondary glazing! 11 more words

Noise Reduction

Recording of early spring in the forest by the motorway & Comparison of microphone setups

A nature recording from Brøndbyskoven on the first sunny spring morning, March 8th 2015. The weather forecast had predicted temperatures approaching 10C, however in the morning hours around 9, it felt windy and not very warm. 971 more words


The 1963 Wilson Committee Report on 'The Problem of Noise'.

I just love the wording used in this 1963 Wilson Committee Report. ‘Hats off’ to the UK again in their  very progressive in their approach to noise (and the problem of noise) some 52 years ago. 32 more words

Motor Noise, DNA Degradation, and Cities of New Earth ... by Alice

Dear Ones,

This post is about DNA damage and cellular light degradation in the presence of motor noise. This degradation of physical body light is instantaneously induced and also instantaneously reversed in a quiet natural setting. 96 more words


A Short Walk to the Coast Road

Walking down Churchill Way, I could hear the birds singing in the treetops, unperturbed by the noise of traffic below.

At Bloody Corner I encountered a large group of people who were obviously on a conducted tour. 510 more words


New Bill Aims To Reduce Train Noise Near City Schools

EW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Elected officials are proposing legislation that would regulate noise from trains near city public schools.

The “Peaceful Learning Act” is aimed at creating a quieter environment for learning. 168 more words


During EURONOISE2015 in Maastricht (NL) a lot of attention will be paid to sensoring and monitoring. Besides the FONOMOC side event (meeting) that will be organized a technical session on Smart Cities and Sensor networks is planned to be chaired by Professor Dick Botterldooren (UGent) and Mr Sergio Luzzi (Vie.en.Rose). 20 more words