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Graves Found At Thailand Trafficking Camp

At least 30 graves have been discovered in a suspected trafficking camp in Thailand, following a police operation in the area. 297 more words


Child Trafficking: A Public Health Concern

Human trafficking is not only a global issue, but also a major public health concern within the United States. Studies suggest that up to half of trafficking victims seek medical attention at least once during their trafficking situation. 904 more words


TIP Defined: What Is Trafficking In Persons?

A child soldier in Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda


TIP is a worldwide problem posing a transnational threat involving violations of basic human rights. 530 more words

Trafficking In Persons Defined

Good Shepherd Statement to the Commission on the Status of Women 59th Session

The Good Shepherd Statement to the Commission on the Status of Women has been published in the 6 languages of the United nations.  Link to our statement… 154 more words

Violence Against Women

“Enter the light of your own will, or be dragged to it.”

This past week I had the pleasure of taking the AML (anti-money laundering) course at ACAMS (an accrediting body for AML professionals). While exploring the site I discovered a Human Trafficking section, I’ve decided to share a select piece here. 595 more words

Human Trafficking

Young people against prostitution and human trafficking: the greatest violence against human beings. Theme of Youth Symposium at the Vatican

Joseph  Loh was a youth delegate on behalf of Good Shepherd, Taiwan.  Joseph send us the follow update on his experience.   “This year I was honored to be invited to the conference by the Vatican through Monsignor Marcelo. 349 more words

Violence Against Women

Cell Networks/Can you hear me now/Samuel Adams

It’s interesting how the popularity of the term “sleeper cell” drastically increased the public awareness of cell structure networks. Yet the vast majority of people really don’t know how these networks function or understand why on earth it is so hard for us to bring them down. 841 more words

Human Trafficking