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"Many who have been my enemy hate me": Two Fragments from Sophocles on Odysseus

Two Fragments about Odysseus

Fr. 965

“I am called Odysseus for evil deeds correctly:
For many who have been my enemy hate me.”

ὀρθῶς δ’ ᾿Οδυσσεύς εἰμ’ ἐπώνυμος κακῶν• 11 more words


Clash Of Worlds: UK Tourists On Island Of Kos, Greece Dismayed By Syrian And Afghan Refugees Flooding Island

Daily Mail — Boat people from Syria and Afghanistan and British holidaymakers have clashed on Kos – as migrants have turned the Greek island, popular with cheap package deals, into a ‘disgusting’ hellhole. 110 more words


Flood Rescue Teams Still Searching For Kenneth Reissig, Thomas Dayton, Sue Carey And William Charba, All From Wimberley, Texas

Daily Mail — The storms and floods in Texas and Oklahoma this week have left at least 21 people dead – including six in Houston – and about a dozen others missing. 76 more words


working on the road in Emergency Medical Care

On the 2 /03/2014 I did my first voluntary shift with a provincial (government) Emergency Medicine service (working as a student paramedic). It was an eventful night to say the least, I never expected to be so emotionally drained in one shift. 409 more words


Tomas Ramirez: Greiving Dad Recalls Last Call From Homecoming Queen Daughter Before She Was Swept Away By Raging Floodwaters In Devine, Texas

NBC News — The father of a Texas homecoming queen who drowned when her car was swept off a road by floods says he is both tormented and comforted when he remembers their final phone call. 144 more words


Girl dies after being electrocuted by power bank in Ghana

A young Ghanaian girl identified as Blandine (pictured above) was on May 25th electrocuted to death after the power bank she was using to charge her phone got stuck on her skin and electrocuted her. 85 more words