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Sunday's Sermon Today: Romans 8:28 (Romans 8:28-37)

Have you ever had a really bad day? A day when nothing seemed like it was going your way?

Maybe you’ve heard the story about the guy headed somewhere who gets on the plane to get there. 3,305 more words


Crash and Burn

Author’s Note: Here’s an old one. This 5,000 word story was on my old blog. Warnings for death and depressing themes.

‘Who am I?’

Odd words to come out of the man’s mouth, put together slowly as thoughjust to say them had been one of the hardest challenges that he hadever had to face. 4,876 more words


Prompt Quiz#7: Kemarau pada Cucuku

Kemarau ini terlalu panjang, menyalahi almanak yang sudah disuratkan jauh sebelumnya. Tanah kering menguarkan hawa panas, seolah ingin membakar segala yang menjejak padanya. Namun jika malam tiba, dingin akan turun dari langit, menembus segala yang berdaging hanya untuk membuat tulang terasa ngilu. 424 more words


(For Cecil with <3)

King of the jungle

Lured for the kill

Because taking a life

Is a sport – such a thrill!

Repulsive predators

Craving yet another trophy… 33 more words


The One That Will Never Change

It was June, the summer of 2005. We were preparing to move from Hoover, Alabama to Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Carter was six and Macey four. This particular week, the kids and I were participating in Vacation Bible School. 681 more words

Tragic Passion

Stilettos dipped in red
dried by a twilight wind
stabbed a pale blue rose
pierced its turquoise flesh.

Above the cottage bed
quite spent among the fray… 26 more words


Gratitude Check

Some days are more difficult than others, living in this messy, broken world.

Just before heading to bed last night, Guy turned on the evening news and heard that the little girl, missing for days in his hometown, had been found dead. 497 more words