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Little Girl Ghost

Fingers crawling up my legs in between my thighs like spiders, I only stood about yeigh high.

Going in my under garment the wrong way. 332 more words

freedom flight

I don’t want to sing

A cliche tragedy

I’ll summon my demons

Because they’re a part of me

And without the darkness

I’m not sure who to be… 52 more words

The Tale of Jim and Jane

It was a game

Innocent fun.

No fame no shame

A friendly run.

Yet soon it grew

Became much more

And before they knew

They both were sore. 290 more words


What was that? Lyra wasn’t sure why she was there, sharing an old mercenary’s bloody remembrance. Then she realized she was drowning, perhaps in the little boy’s tears or his people’s blood or the boiling water or the still, green glass surfaces. 980 more words


4 dead, 2 injured as plane hits Southern California homes

Published February 27, 2017


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Feb. 27, 2017: The aftermath of a plane crash in Riverside, Calif.  (KTTV)

A small plane crashed into two houses in Riverside, Calif., Monday evening, killing at least four and injuring two others. 361 more words

United States

A Painter's Muse 

With the tip of his paintbrush, he soaked up one of her tears. “You’re even more beautiful when you cry, but that’s not what this painting is supposed to be.” Dalton set his paintbrush down on the wood palette and took her shaking hands in his. 1,394 more words


3 – Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare

In my humble opinion the text of Romeo and Juliet is the greatest love story ever written. To my students it’s just the tale of two frustrated kids who would have both survived if they’d had Facebook. 265 more words