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For 4+ actors

Play takes place in a space and time prior to you reading this. Cast is as fluid as fluid does. Don’t think too hard. 3,025 more words

THE MANDATORY SIX, Part Three: Robert Johnson 9/19 | 10:02 a.m.

Robert struggled to focus on I-40 West as it stretched ahead into the outskirts of Grants, New Mexico. He took another chug from the energy drink in the console, his palms sweaty, his heart slamming in his chest. 834 more words

Let there be light....

A few things have really shaken me this week.

On Friday my wedding and engagement rings were stolen from my office. Probably by a student.  Probably by a student I know.   1,069 more words


Nation's Pride

Teen mom, Photo bomb
Blood rights, Bitch fights

— I watch from below as She
Gurgles down the words —

Plastic fairy, No dairy
Sex scandal, School vandal… 11 more words


The messianic critique of tragedy

The rejection of the covenant of assimilation by twentieth-century Messianism was an integral part of the pre-1914 pan-European critique of modernity and “romantic anti-capitalism” (Lukács). “In the years approaching the First World War, the self-confidence and security of German Jewry was challenged by a new Jewish sensibility that can be described as at once radical, secular and Messianic in both tone and content. 620 more words


Bad Luck

I have a friend who says that she sometimes feels as though she has an invisible target on her head that only God and the angels can see. 1,112 more words


Fragmentary Friday: The Invention of Writing

Euripides, Palamedes (fr. 578)

“Alone once I set out drugs of forgetfulness,
Voiceless, yet speaking—when I made the syllabus
I discovered as letters for men to see… 131 more words