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“I probably think about death just as much as each death that happens in the world. The thought of it haunts me. I say I love you every time I’m saying bye to someone I love, worried it’ll be the last time I’ll see them. 162 more words

El Niño

I’ve never been the type of person who gets all that upset when a celebrity/famous person passes away. I didn’t know them, it’s easy to be indifferent when you aren’t connected to someone. 396 more words


A Minor Analysis of William Blakes Poem A Divine Image

I had to write about some of the elements seen in William Blake’s poem, A Divine Image, for the British Literature class I am taking online through Bucks County Community College. 427 more words

Persecuted for Nothing

I am persecuted. For nothing.

I am persecuted for nothing. I’m not bothered, harassed, or cast out.

No one around me is really persecuted either. 1,007 more words


[BTS FF Freelance] Zero Black - (Chapter 1 #Prolog)

Zero Black

fic by Rae

Kim Namjoon (BTS)

 Choi Zelo (B.A.P)

Oh Sehun (EXO)

Kim Yugyeom (GOT7)

And Others

Intelligence Live/Drama/Tragedy/Little bit Thriller/PG-17 | Chaptered… 552 more words


Apocalyptic Media

Hot off the presses!
Murder en masse, wars, lies and more!
Anything for sales. 12 more words


JR: 1988-2013


     I knew JR for a short time in Panorama Mountain Village when I worked there, let’s see, 15 years ago now in Lusti’s Capaccino Bar… I knew JR as the annoying kid who kept harassing me at work (I was 19, he was only 12). 616 more words