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DeMarcus Cousins on re-signing with Pelicans: 'I'm very open to that'

New Orleans Pelicans big man DeMarcus Cousins is still nursing a torn Achilles injury, the one that kept him from being part of his team’s sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round of the playoffs this year. 554 more words

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Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians - The First Warrior Queen of England


What you may not know about the early forming of modern-day England is that it was championed by a woman- Aetheflaed, a courageous and visionary woman who fought mercilessly against the Vikings and other invading forces of the late 900th century. 243 more words

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DeMarcus Cousins unfollows New Orleans Pelicans on Instagram (PHOTOS)

It seems ridiculous to pay attention to social media too carefully. Then you have a situation like what happened with Dennis Schröder this week and you remember that it’s probably a good idea. 224 more words

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Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

I live life on the edge. I toe the line. I break the rules.

My motto is,“do it and ask for forgiveness.”

Throughout my mere 17-year-old life, I’ve come to see that the majority of rules are made to be broke. 447 more words

Send a girl to Preflight Camp this summer!

This summer, the Milieux Project raised money to fund a scholarship worth $950 to a girl who wanted to attend Preflight Aviation Camp in San Marcos, TX.   537 more words

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National Superhero Day

Did you know April 28 has been designated #NationalSuperHero Day?  This is a day to celebrate all of the superheroes in your life- whether they are fact or fiction.   81 more words

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PBT Podcast: What went wrong and what's next for Trail Blazers?

It was embarrassing, and left both fans and players of the Trail Blazers angry and frustrated — Portland was unceremoniously swept out of the playoffs by the New Orleans Pelicans. 146 more words

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