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Trail cooking from AT to PCT

When it comes to cooking on trail I’m an alcoholic! I love the simple method of lighting some form of denatured alcohol in a small vessel and whacking a pot of water on to boil. 402 more words

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The Most Reliable Campstove

I bought my MSR Pocket Rocket back in 2010 for my first ever backpacking trip. What attracted me to the stove was that it was so compact, lightweight, and reasonably priced. 455 more words

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Feasting in the fields

Let’s face it, for a weekend we can all live without haute cuisine, and being in the fresh air and active will make you hungry enough to eat sausages (sorry, that’s a saying of my grandmothers – a very wise woman). 549 more words

Trail-riding 101

ERL Trip Report: Food Interlude

Thanks to those of you following the latest trip report and urging me onward with your likes. 

Whenever Kat and I head out for a Man Hike, I always try to plan one improbable meal that goes beyond anything you’d normally pull out of a food sack.   346 more words


How to Make an Inexpensive Camp Stove out of a Tuna Can

Hello, readers. I’ve been wanting to expand to video blogging for a while now, and this is my first attempt. Hopefully, this is the first of more DIY gear videos. 401 more words

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