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A lighter shade of grey: The Trail Running Series Race 2 (Smiths Gully)

It was completely dark when I left home. Often on race mornings, I’m blessed with a beautiful sunrise over the Dandenongs, red sky, clouds aglow. Not so this morning. 1,464 more words

Trail Running

Plenty Gorge 2019: The Trail Running Series delivers

Ah, Plenty Gorge. Your single-tracks studded with rocks. Your tiny trails hugging the edge of a high drop into a river. Your river crossing itself, with its nasty little descent lined with tree-roots and mud, and beautiful cold winter water. 965 more words

Trail Running

CUT112 - 2019

“Think of everything we just accomplished. How far we’ve come.”- Adam

“Have we accomplished anything? All we’ve done is walked. We haven’t done anything. But yes – we moved pretty far… lol” – Me… 2,234 more words

North Downs 50, what did I learn

So I’ve just finished running the North Downs Way 50 miler for the second time and let me tell you….. It kicked my backside good and proper. 486 more words


Hello again old friend.

It’s that time again that drives me insane … yes, I’m tapering for a race.

For those of you thinking “what’s tapering” it’s that 2-3 week period before a race when you cut back on your training to allow your body to recover from all the work you’ve done so that you turn up on the start line fresh and ready to go. 329 more words


The ups and downs of hills

Hills… you either love them or hate them !! Me… I have a up and down relationship with them, some days I embrace them like a long lost friend while other days the slightest of incline will have me throwing my toys out the pram like a stroppy toddler. 299 more words


Starting afresh and running further. 

It’s been over a year since I last wrote anything here… and I don’t really know why that is ?

I haven’t lost my running mojo, if anything I’m running more then I ever have. 337 more words