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Two Bays 28k: tail of the snake (the final chapter).

“Are you okay?” several concerned runners asked.

“All good,” I replied, bouncing in the centre of the trail on one foot.

I kept trying to hop to the side so the other runners could go past, but I couldn’t put any weight onto my left foot, which had curled up into a tight ball, the toes tucked under, the calf a knot of cramped muscle that wouldn’t unclench.   1,512 more words

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Running Injury - Gait

Running Gait & Injury

I’ve been looking forward to getting into the gait and running injury, after covering volume and intensity, because of the complexity of the topic, its prominence with regards to injury, and the novelty of the subject. 810 more words



I ran 2235.75 miles.
I raced 322 miles (16 races)
I raced 4 Ultra’s (3 of them 50+ miles)… and ran 3 50k training runs. 1,258 more words


Two Bays 28k: tail of the snake ( part 3)

I was nervous.  To be honest, I was frightened.  It was nearly dusk, and I’d gone further along this trail than I’d ever gone before.  The summer crowds had thinned, and in this, the final kilometre of my outbound journey, I had seen no one at all. 1,299 more words

Trail Running

Prevail, Overcome and Triumph

When you are doubtful,
you will prevail.

When you feel like giving up,
you will overcome.

When you approach the homestretch,
you will celebrate your triumph.


The Positive of Running

Relax, breathe and flow.

Running is one of the only physical activities that requires you to be clear-minded and positive.

It’s very difficult to keep a steady pace while running with negative thoughts in your mind.

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Overcoming Weaknesses

Be bold: Believe in yourself and you will succeed.

Training sessions are discovery sessions: They expose strengths and weaknesses. It is important to embrace both. With time and effort many weaknesses will become not only strengths but powerful motivators.

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