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New Shoes - Salomon Trail Running Trainers

As you know I don’t really care about what my trainers look like, I’m all about comfort and support. I have had several pairs of Salomon trainers for running as well as for every day use. 620 more words


Shoe Swap

Do you ever see the new shoe reviews? Of course you do. I’m here to say, “Beware.” The reviews can suck you into thinking your shoes are not right for you or that you can get better ones which will prevent or be the fix all for any nagging injuries you have. 519 more words


Episode 138 Barefoot to Boots Part One


In this episode I talk about what types and styles of footwear to wear in the back country. From going barefooted to the Luna Sandals all the way up to heavy mountaineering boots. 89 more words

Salomon XR Shift Trail Runners Gear Review

I recently purchased a pair of Salomon XR Shift as my first trail runners. I picked them on the basis that a) They were cheap and b) I liked the look of them – so how good (or bad) can a pair of trail runners that cost €30 (£24 or $34) be? 393 more words