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Pic a day - 25th Feb

Today Johnnie and I ran the Glentress half marathon. I’ll do a full race write up of it later, but I’ll just chat a bit about it too! 158 more words

Pic A Day

Cold Laser

The whistle pig whiffed. The groundhog goofed. The woodchuck choked. Punxsutawney Phil botched his forecast. Six more weeks of winter? That was a fail. Saturday, February 20: sunny, breezy, seventy degrees. 893 more words

Trail Running

Feeling Low

This hasn’t been a great month, things were going pretty well, and then they weren’t. I started having trouble with my lungs again, I went to the after hours clinic but the Doctor there wasn’t to sure, he gave me an inhaler and sent me for a chest x-ray. 522 more words


What Run Oregon is Trying: Ultimate Direction AK Mountain Vest

Over the course of the past few years, I have experimented with different ways to manage hydration on long runs. As many of you know, there are several ways to carry or manage your hydration from hand-helds to belts to vests with pockets and vests with built-in bladders in the back. 545 more words

Product Review

Inspired by nature, born from fire.

Rendering beauty from fire is a new path for me. As with most people, my trajectory through life has not been linear. It has been a journey wrought with starts and stops, frequently looping back upon itself and wandering false passages. 371 more words

Artisan Jewelry

NEDA Week Day 1: Anxiety

NEDAwareness Week Day 1: Coping with Anxiety

For me, disordered eating and anxiety are intertwined. They feed off of each other until I am hollow. It’s a parasitic¬†emptiness, one that consumes your every thought and action until you are emotionally void. 735 more words

Spring has sprung - for one day only

So friday was a beautiful day! So beautiful I forgot to write about it! I never thought it would be a utter pleasure to run for several miles but it was. 56 more words