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Western States 100 Crew Report: A Song of Ice and Mud

I always cry at the finish line of a race. Every single person who finds themselves at the finish line does so as the culmination of some personal story of determination, resistance, and commitment. 2,887 more words


Workout Of The Day: 10/23/17 - Dog Run and Some Lifting

Since my wife is extremely pregnant at this point and our dogs know something’s up, I figure every chance to get them out of the house to burn off their excess energy is a good thing. 110 more words

Tactical Barbell

Summary Oct 16-22

Monday Oct 16 REST

Scheduled rest day after 2 weeks worth of business travel with a wedding sandwiched in-between. Really enjoying the new 7-3 schedule my boss requested, it has both the advantage of increased overlap with my co-workers (who are mostly on EST and GMT) and allowing me to wrap up unbelievably early. 669 more words


RUNNING FILM. My Second Ultra - The Blackall 100, 50km.

My “Bonus Blackall” run around our beautiful local trails with friendly, familiar faces. A great day out in the Sunny Coast hinterland and in my (yes, Scottish) opinion, great running conditions for the 50km event. 137 more words

Trail Running

Monday inspiration

I will forever love Bernd Heinrich as a biologist and a distance runner. I had read several of his books about birds (my first scientific love) before I learned he was an ultra runner, and when I did learn this, a complete and total heart implosion occurred. 31 more words


Racing the tide

You cant beat local knowledge

So when I was confronted with an incoming tide and the situation below

I knew I had around half an hour before it would be a trudge over the pebbles to get back. 22 more words


sunny weekend in lake district

As the days are getting shorter, I find it easier to sit down in the evening and write. What is more, I have also recieved the bill for my domain recently, so I feel obligated to use the space I am paying for :) 414 more words

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