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Sugars’ Siren Call

Mind and body are closely intertwined. The body often follows the mind, and body can lead the mind into completely new directions.

My recent mental health issues slowly began to possess my body. 515 more words

Changing my tune

I’ve had a cold all week, where every day has felt worse than the last.  I’ve been able to keep in good spirits, or at least make jokes, rather than focusing on my suffering.  606 more words

Trail Running

Run 1000 Miles | 933 Miles to Go

That 8 miler I had planned at the end of the last post ended up being 2x 4 milers because I hit the stop button on my Sunnto rather than the light button. 634 more words


The Man who ran around a country

Why do we embark on quests of exploration and endurance challenges? Is this part of who we are? Our ancestors leaving the Great Rift Valley were the first great explorers. 2,507 more words

"Would you like to be UltraRunner of the Month?"

I was surprised and honored to be asked to be Epic Ultra’s Featured Runner of the Month in January 2018! I had a blast writing the interview and I hope you will enjoy getting to know me a bit better. 2,523 more words

Ninja squirrels and Travis Macy

First, Travis Macy did not fight a ninja squirrel or anything like that.  The Shinto Karate squirrel will come into play later.  Travis said to email him about anything that I wanted to.  1,437 more words

Mental Health

My Personal Perspective on Winter Running*

It has come to my attention that some of you are missing out on one of life’s greatest adventures…winter running!

How is it done? How do you prepare yourself? 1,170 more words