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Cielo Dr., Spahn Ranch & Hollywood

The early critical response is way up there.  The only potential downside is just that: a letdown given great expectations.  Tarantino has made one great film after another, so I’m hopeful — this year has been full of dogs so far.  Opens July 26.


New 'Terminator' Trailer Fails to Impress

Written by J.T. Johnson

Before we get to the review, let’s go ahead and look at the trailer one more time for “Terminator: Dark Fate”. 752 more words


Terminator 6 Exists - Because We Really Need to Keep Tainting The Terminator Series

The first two Terminator movies are among the best one-two punches available in film. Few would argue against this. However, after creator James Cameron left the series to continue work on other projects, we’ve received entry after entry into the franchise, and none of them have captured the greatness of the first two films. 931 more words


Terminator: Dark Fate Teaser Trailer

After the franchise started with arguably two of the best action movies of all time, the Terminator franchise overstayed its welcome and became a mixed bag afterwards. 159 more words

Off Duty

Why Did You Leave Starfleet Admiral?

Captain Picard is back. Star Trek is back. And hopefully, this time, it’ll be good.
246 more words


Trailer #5 - Haley

Watcher Licensing Exam

Haley Prince, Exam #11

Faster than a cheetah.

The chant ran through Haley’s head as she sprinted down the track, as it had on so many fitness tests before. 3,024 more words