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'Dead Rising 4' Comes To Steam This March

Frank West’s re-imagined first zombie encounter heads to Steam in just a few weeks. 158 more words


‘Bullets of Justice’ Looks So Insanely Awesome You MUST Support the Indiegogo!

We’ve still got our eyes on some of the more promising horror projects being developed and supported by crowd funding. The pilot episode of Bullets of Justice… 220 more words


Savageland (2015)

‘Horror has no borders.’

Savageland is a 2015 American found footage horror film written and co-directed by Phil Guidry, Simon Herbert and David Whelan. It stars Noe Montes, George Savage and Len Wein. 267 more words


7 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

This year’s Academy Awards edition is almost here, which means movie fans will probably be busy counting how many Oscars La La Land ends up getting. 399 more words


Outcast Reviews' 5 Most Anticipated Spring Movies

Spring is almost here and I thought I’d make a list of my top five most anticipated movies. Because that’s how a things are done, or something. 456 more words


New Gameplay Trailer Released For Snipperclips

Breath of the Wild is certainly the Switch’s biggest launch game, but this little eShop release seems to be the console’s first hidden gem. Snipperclips… 43 more words