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Film - THE TOBACCONIST is a love letter to Cuban cigars, Freud, and freedom

THE TOBACCONIST is a lovely story about a young man and his friendship with Sigmund Freud during the Nazi occupation of Vienna. The film will be available virtually this Friday, July 10, … 175 more words


Teaser Trailer for HBO Max show ’We are who we are’

Two American teenagers come of age while living on an American military base in Italy.

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The Trailer is out there ...

Part of the process of launching a new podcast is about getting permission to air. In order to share a podcast with the world, you need to submit an episode or trailer to apple.com for their vetting before going public. 122 more words


The Vigil Trailer Debut

“Set over the course of a single evening in Brooklyn’s Hassidic “Boro” Park neighborhood, The Vigil follows Yakov, a former Hassid, as he accepts a position as a shomer, hired to “sit the vigil” and watch over the body of a deceased community member. 77 more words

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Sing while TROLLS WORLD TOUR arrives on 4K UHD, Blu-ray™ & DVD

DreamWorks Animation presents TROLLS WORLD TOUR, a music- filled, exciting adventure that’s sure to make the whole family sing, dance, and have fun again and again. 596 more words


Available Now, FREE! Donny's Perfect Game

Available now, FREE for a limited time only, on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Donny’s Perfect Game, M. L. Shochet’s debut novel, follows Donny Shapiro as he navigates through the challenges of baseball, school, and playing alongside his archrival… on his quest to pitch the perfect game! 718 more words

We’re Only Weeks Away From Getting a Little Unhinged

With theatres around the world eagerly anticipating their respective reopenings, moviegoers are already spending countless hours bingeing not just Netflix, but trailers for upcoming releases as well. 236 more words