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"Venom" is Unleashed in New Trailer

After a teaser trailer that shows just a very little taste of his fusion, Spider-Man villain turned anti-hero Venom is finally unleashed in the full trailer of the film and this is one awesome design! 75 more words


Full "Bleach" Trailer Ups Level of Excitement

After two small teaser trailers that left a bit of skepticism amongst fan circles, the full one-minute trailer to Bleach has upped that level of excitement. 102 more words


Statham Faces a Deadly Threat in "The Meg" Trailer

Jason Statham has faced all kinds of villains, but nothing compares to his next adversary.

In The Meg, Statham finds himself coming face-to-face with a Megalodon, a prehistoric ancestor of the Great White Shark. 50 more words


Be a Part of the "Dead List" in May

High Octane Pictures released the trailer for their upcoming horror film Dead List, coming to VOD on May 1.

Calvin is competing with five other actors — Zander, Scott, Kush, Jason and Bob — for a major movie role. 83 more words


Prepare to Get an "Upgrade" in Trailer

A quadriplegic is about to get a major Upgrade in an upcoming sci-fi/action thriller from Leigh Whannell, the filmmaker behind the Saw and Insidious… 97 more words


Reine Returns to the Historical Epic with "Redbad"

Roel Reine is back with another historical epic and it looks great!

Back from an interview World Film Geek with Reine in 2016, he had mentioned he would love to do another Dutch epic film about Vikings battling the Franks in Holland during the 9th Century. 153 more words


Terror Unleashes in "#Screamers" Trailer

Get ready for some more found footage terror in the trailer for the upcoming filmĀ #Screamers.

Two Internet gurus, the founders of gigaler.com, investigate the authenticity of a series of #Screamers videos. 79 more words