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The Discovery trailer - Rooney Mara in new sci-fi drama

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

The teaser trailer just dropped for the much anticipated sci-fi dystopian drama The Discovery. A film that was revived by Netflix after it was thrown in the reject bin. 98 more words


The Belko Experiment. 03.17.2017

The American company Belko in South America mysteriously seals all exits and includes windows at the beginning of the morning shift, trapping 79 people in the office building and forced to kill each other or the mysterious voice murders them.!!


Power Rangers Trailer #2.

Check out the second trailer of Power Rangers,
In this new trailer you will see a sneak peak of the Power Rangers last fight scene, training and much more.!! 7 more words


Arbor Demon. 02.03.2017

​Something in the woods kills a group of hunters near them, which does not allow the couple to leave their tent. Secrets and supernatural stories come to light and they must determine if the real threat is inside or outside their tent.!! 22 more words


'Bushwick' Clip: Dave Bautista Fights To Survive Civil War In Sundance Thriller

It’s hard to know precisely what popular culture will be like in Trump’s America, but Bushwick, a tonally apropos action-thriller starring Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow, might be a sign. 199 more words

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