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If I am addicted to, or drunken by anything, it’s my own thoughts, and I can’t seem to sober up.

Train Of Thoughts

How to Escape Procrastination

One of the most difficult problems many of us face is procrastination. We avoid doing our tasks, postponing the inevitable events. We sometimes do this out of laziness. 906 more words


The Art of Getting Lucky

As a teenager, I wasn’t a believer of luck. Every time someone credited luck as the factor of success, I cringed. I believed that success can be achieved by anyone as long as they work hard; there was no such thing as luck, I thought. 487 more words


if you cared

You think you care about me.

if you cared, I wouldn’t be the one initiating 99% of the time

if you cared, it would have hurt you if I did what you did to me… 42 more words

Free Will Is a Myth

One very widespread belief is that in the existence of free will. It’s difficult to convince yourself otherwise—after all, I make decisions on a regular basis according to my desires and reasoning. 487 more words


The Source of Great Ideas

Where did all those successful ideas come from? A human who consistently produces good ideas is usually called the Idea Man/Woman. How do they achieve that? 487 more words


The Fleeting Desire

What’s the Problem?

Time and time again I encountered a situation where I was given a choice between doing two very different tasks: one that I love—or one that I hate, but (at the same time) gives me utility in the long run. 569 more words