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It was a rainy Sunday evening. I look out the window. The streets were deserted. “It’s been pouring since morning. What a boring weekend!” I brood aloud as I Whatsapp-ed my friends. 128 more words

Train Of Thoughts

Yeh shaadi nahin aasan...

I have many single friends who are extremely confused when it comes to the topic of marriage. So I thought of helping them out by giving my two cents on a few questions that I’m usually hurled at :D I’m no expert and I don’t claim to be one either but I have answered a few to the best of my knowledge. 721 more words

Train Of Thoughts

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! & Happy Anniversary to to this blog! Did everyone have a wonderful New Year? I spent mine at work this year. Why? I have no idea… (._.) ahaha. 1,253 more words

Train Of Thoughts

a cancer of thoughts

depression is like your thoughts giving you a cancer.
it begins with one outlandish thought and before you know it, its surrounded by other thoughts it’d lead to or it may become and they keep multiplying thusly, and like a simple cell doing what it was designed to do but overdoing it or a simple complication like a tumor becoming something it already is but on a more horrific scale, thoughts too can be equally guilty of being what they were meant to be but turning on themselves, folding into, creating labyrinths of… 252 more words


Pray for Paris

The Paris attacks on Friday left me speechless and brokenhearted. It’s saddening that such cruelty happens like, why would people go on a killing spree? What are they trying to prove? 294 more words


slow breaths, steady heart

12:32 AM. My grandfather chimed 2 minutes ago, and it should have been my lullaby, but yet it is just another added element in my collection of unnecessary background noises – cicadas chirping, the whir of my fan, the riot of thoughts in my mind, the flapping of my curtain, the occasional piercing screech of tires against asphalt. 345 more words



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Escaping From The Bright,

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