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Pray for Paris

The Paris attacks on Friday left me speechless and brokenhearted. It’s saddening that such cruelty happens like, why would people go on a killing spree? What are they trying to prove? 294 more words


slow breaths, steady heart

12:32 AM. My grandfather chimed 2 minutes ago, and it should have been my lullaby, but yet it is just another added element in my collection of unnecessary background noises – cicadas chirping, the whir of my fan, the riot of thoughts in my mind, the flapping of my curtain, the occasional piercing screech of tires against asphalt. 345 more words



Turn Off Those Lights ,

Escaping From The Bright,

For A While ,

Enter The Dark Room,

Free The Firefly,

 From The Gloom ,

Let It Shine , 56 more words


I hate the internet

So I just wanted to let out some steam. So I made an attempt today to buy the domain clinicalskills.com. To my dismay somebody was squatting on it. 25 more words

Train Of Thoughts

Writing - A Declaration to Myself

I used to write a lot. I was taught young to write daily.

It could be anything. From what I did today to how I feel. 252 more words



some things i really wish i could do right now/ some things i miss dearly:

i. karaoke sessions

ii. sitting on a bench that faces the carpark with rachael, caris and jane; eating frozen yogurt and counting the number of red cars and black cars that pass by while talking about nonsensical things… 497 more words


deafening roars

Every day for the past few months, the Black Knights fly past my house with a deafening roar that drowns out all activity and its commanding engine petrifies all living things into subservience. 182 more words