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Mountain waves

“Green waves swept in from the mountains, slouching over us. And we were surfers of time, passing through its static surge lining the road.”

I went on a trip to get away, due to the depressive episode of my bipolar and the nearing deadline for my manuscript. 39 more words


Call Me A Dark Poet

And my lips are ultra dark
Like my soul darling 

It’s 07:44 where I am. I’ve been up all night, I’ve been thinking – darkness is a repeated theme in my life. 443 more words



Think, ponder, contemplate or muse; whatever it is but Think…What to think and why to think?
A question itself is strange…sometimes I use to think what to think and sometimes I stuck in between the multiple thoughts and sometimes in darkness of thoughts. 248 more words


Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! & Happy New Year!

Way to go…I really slacked off this year. I feel like I didn’t play any otome games in 2016.  All I did was some last minute otome related mobile app reviews. 301 more words

Train Of Thoughts


“Hey,” I knocked on the bathroom door, “What’s your laptop password again?”
“Oh. Sorry. It’s eight-three-nine-oh-one-two.”
“Eight. Three. Nine. Oh. One. Two.”
“What even are those?” 23 more words



I may not be rich. But the least my parents have taught me is how to be rich in values.

Sincerity, honesty, perseverance, humility & respect. 191 more words

Train Of Thoughts


today my skin is crawling with the uneasiness of wanting to go home, almost as if i’m  stuck at a party and the feeling of something wrong and uncomfortable wraps itself around me and are my eyes are on the doorknob of the exit, willing it to turn and to open and to compel me out so that i can… 222 more words