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It might as well be raining blood. Children drank and bathed and played, their laughters like prayers for the blood to keep flowing, so this life would never end, and for adults, the ichor burnt through their bones. 1,923 more words


Do the Dead

Once, not even in the prime of my child hood, I knew Death.
He didn’t come to me, but He gave me a present, He showed me– 138 more words

Train Of Thoughts


I wish so many parts of me
Would stop thinking
It’s so noisy in here
When there’s only so many
Of me talking


60 seconds

Based on a true event.

“Enough with one-man shows”, people dread.

Bear with me, you won’t be sorry.

This is a collective of plausible layers of thought going through a twenty-something’s mind the first 60 seconds standing in front of a foreign crowd. 1,138 more words

[Monsta X|1shot|written|T] Năm cấp bậc của sự sợ hãi

Author: Train of Thought (ToT team)

Character(s): Monsta X, Sistar (cameo)

Pairing: ShowKyun (Son Hyunwoo/Im Changkyun), HyukHyung (Lee Minhyuk/Chae Hyungwon), JooKi (Lee Jooheon/Yoo Kihyun)

Rating: 17,327 more words



If I am addicted to, or drunken by anything, it’s my own thoughts, and I can’t seem to sober up.

Train Of Thoughts

How to Escape Procrastination

One of the most difficult problems many of us face is procrastination. We avoid doing our tasks, postponing the inevitable events. We sometimes do this out of laziness. 906 more words